Hermangild Francis: ‘police responsible to devise policies, methods to deal with crime’


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(CMC) – National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has dismissed calls for his resignation as the island recorded its 43rd murder so far this year.

“If the prime minister believes I am not being as efficient as I can be, then it is his prerogative to decide to change me,” Francis reportedly said, adding “so it is up to the prime minister to decide whether I stay or go”.

The former deputy police commissioner said most of the times the critics on social media hide behind fake names, but that he has never backed down from any challenge.

“If you sit in my office for one day you will understand the vastness of my office – there are a number of things to deal with,” said Francis, who is also the minister of home affairs and justice.

“Some people just look at it as ‘You’re the minister of home affairs and you are supposed to solve crime.”

“I can’t solve crime. I can assist the police, give them the materials and ability to fight; but at the end of the day it has to be the commissioner and the hierarchy of the police force to devise polices and methods of dealing with crime,” Francis said.

The latest murder occurred on Thursday when an elderly man was shot at his home by a stray bullet after a young gunman opened fire on another young person near a supermarket in Marchand, east of Castries.

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre, who is the parliamentary representative for the area, condemned the shooting saying that such events lead to further stigmatisation of the area.

“I am really at a loss for words at the brazenness of such actions,” he said, adding “I can only hope, as I have said before, that we can find better ways to resolve our conflicts and that has to come from all sections of the society.”

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  1. Do not resign, corrupt people who feel they will be exposed are the ones that will look forward to the minister resigning.

  2. Mr Francis your government is such a government of victimization, so they hv to hide behind fake names, bcuz of fear of reprisals..

  3. The Minister for National Security admitted he cannot solve crime and dump everything on the police whyyy yaa yaaaayyy. You had a symposium over a year ago because we must solve crime as a community. What came out of it? I am not holding my breathe.
    What have you been able to glean for the police from budget to help them not just solve but prevent or reduce crime in this country? I am not holding my breathe. The buck stops with you.
    Yet I am not holding my breathe. Is 2019 going to be a continuation of 2018. I am not holding my breathe. Prime Minister I employ you please change him.

  4. You would think that relaxing in the safety of your home, on your bed and out of harm’s way yet a bullet finds you and ends your life would have led to a public outcry! But all I could hear are limp words coming from a politician and the National Security Minister – giving further ammunition to reckless thugs.

    What are you both going to do about gun crimes?

  5. And all the time I thought government was responsible for developing policies which would be carried out by the police. Does he really have a law degree? What degree is it Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  6. So the police are policy makers , bro , don’t embarrass yourself , do your self a favor take a mumu tablet. You are the head of Ministry , in charge of defense and you are relying ......... Jah put a hand . Next thing you would do is hire a consultant . If you have no ideas stay your ass out of politics ..........

  7. Publish the IMPACS report.

  8. "it has to be the commissioner and the hierarchy of the police force to devise polices and methods of dealing with crime." Mr. Minister, these words spoken by you are just words without merit. If the commissioner's the one to devise policy for crime, then what is your role as minister? Aren't you aware that policy comes from cabinet and methods from the Police? I understand you are attempting to cover your rear but to attempt to throw the commissioner under the bus is just Trumpian!


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