HERITAS and Bay Gardens Beach Resort celebrate heritage and Independence

HERITAS and Bay Gardens Beach Resort celebrate heritage and Independence
Bay Gardens Beach Resort
Bay Gardens Beach Resort

The Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries through the Heritage Tourism Association of Saint Lucia (HERITAS) has partnered with the Bay Gardens Beach Resort to celebrate Saint Lucia’s Heritage and Independence under the theme “Unlocking our Creativity, Transforming our World”.

Guests and employees of the Bay Gardens Beach Resort will join in the celebration of Saint Lucia’s 34th Anniversary of Independence from Friday, February 22, 2013.

On Independence Day, the hotel will be decorated in the colours of the national flag and madras.

HERITAS will share the spotlight with Bay Gardens to put on activities to celebrate Saint Lucia’s heritage and Independence at a luncheon where guests from its two sister properties (Bay Gardens Inn and Bay Gardens Hotel) are invited to attend.

The luncheon will commence at 12:30 p.m. and will include a presentation by Dr. Gregor Williams – “Saint Lucia’s Route to Independence”, and performances by the Eastern Folk Band and a heritage dance group. A mini-exhibition will also be staged to highlight handicraft, locally produced confectionary, spirits and locally produced food. Models will display the various types of national dress.

The menu at the luncheon will feature Saint Lucia’s local cuisine and local drinks.

The significance of the tourism industry to our economic development must be underscored thus attempts and opportunities at educating visitors on the history, heritage and culture of our country should be explored and intensified.

The partnership with HERITAS and Bay Gardens Beach Resort therefore serves as a conduit to educate visitors and is one of the ministry’s initiatives aimed at highlighting and perpetuating the heritage of the people of Saint Lucia to visitors.


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