Helping Hands donates school supplies to children in Soufriere

Helping Hands donates school supplies to children in Soufriere


PRESS RELEASE – An organization helping the needy children of Soufriere and its environs and extended to Canaries.  This initiative was the brainchild of Sandy George aka Sandy Fields on Facebook.

She is a fellow Soufrierian living in Maryland, USA. She came from humble beginnings and wanted to give back to her Community.  She began a drive where persons donated school supplies.

This sparked the interest of other fellow Soufrierians like, Shantal Didier-Holder from Canada, Tansy Alexander from Miami, Elmona James from New York and Gianne Beaubrun-Edward from  St. John.

She then contacted Melvina Charles of Soufriere who assisted her together with Myola Nicholas and Jan Lamontagne in the distribution of the packages to the kids.

This venture was indeed an emotional and memorial one, especially the joy on the faces of the kids and parents.

Initially it was supposed to be a one time affair but because of the need out there to help these kids and many more, all those persons involved have pledged to make it an annual event.

We trying to make it a bigger and better drive next year, we trying to reach out to more children around the island.we trying to help shape up the future of our St.lucian children,we looking to help them have the materials that is need to help with their education.


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