Help in locating key witness for upcoming trial

By DPP's Office

gavel-slider_w504PRESS RELEASE – The DPP’s office has encountered difficulty in locating a key witness in an upcoming trial scheduled for Monday May 8th 2017.

His name is JOHN MATHURIN and he is from Desrissueaux, Micoud.

Your kind assistance is needed in locating him.

He is asked to come to the Office which is located on Micoud Street, Castries upstairs the RBTT/RBC Bank.

He can also contact the Office directly at telephone number 452 3636, or our Vieux Fort Office at 4545675.

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  1. aa what kind of pa-pe-sho is that

  2. only in st lucia.... they would not do shit like that in some countries cause they would get sued for putting the person's life at risk like that...choops tan.

  3. check the cemeteries.

  4. Follow the example of the western justice system. St. Lucian justice system needs a total overhaul.

  5. Here goes our justice system. He gets killed and that's it. No one cares and he is forgotten.

  6. Because people have been satisfied with that type of bullshit for the longest while. I wonder why this has not been a key priority to the protesting public ahead of issues such as STEP, NICE and DSH? Stop being manipulated by gor gor politicians in exchange for bread crumbs, which will still in the end cost you a whole bread in interest. Stupid people.

  7. The office of DPP should have known better. Your key witness and you have his name all over the dam place. That is really crazy. Licking out information, owner who did that nonsense. From the director down should be sent on leave,


      You see all the prosecutors does is caring about their handsome salary...and unleashing evil on their black brothers and sisters,usualy they dont even give a damn if there is no merit and facts...seeking for the next stripe of how many persons they can get convicted.i swear there is places in the world where this behavior is respect no regards for someones life.thats why their judgement is mightier in the sight of the father.

    • I know ... how does one publish the persons name where are these lawyers brains or is this deliberately done!

  8. No witness protection here and they wonder why people don't want to come out and testify smh

  9. This is pure the guy name on fb . Only in Saint Lucia . Where persons with so call brains don't use it.

  10. Well yes, this is it. No respect for human life .publishing the man name out in the open, wanting him killed in smart or what.Stupid brains

  11. Like seriously isn't there another way for u guys to locate the man, putting his name out there can really get him into trouble... Sigh smh

  12. You are right John and st Lucia don't even have protection for witness

  13. DEZAGWE´MUR???

    St.lucia is lawless,irrational and irresponsible..a KEY WITNESS and no one is considering concealing the individuals identity splashing his name so openly....and we wonder why things are happening the way they do.our lawmakers are a bunch of arrogant dogs..they make laws and only to bend them themselves....i cud never serve as state witness i swear no matter what the life and peace of mind is worth everything.

  14. You'll should have kept in touch with him constantly not wait last minute.
    Posting the man's name in the newspaper, could get him killed


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