Heineken unlocks the “City”!

Heineken unlocks the “City”!
The new limited edition of Heineken City bottles.
The new limited edition of Heineken City bottles.

PRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday morning Heineken unveiled to the media its latest “Under the Crown” promotion. The press launch of this new venture was held at the sales office of Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd, the parent company for Heineken Beer in Saint Lucia.

The new promotion dubbed “Open your city-open your world” will afford consumers chances at winning great prizes and a grand prize of an all expense paid trip.

Before making the announcement, Heineken brand manager Gaius Harry delved into the history of Heineken as a marketing innovator.

“On New Year’s Day in 1968, TV viewers in the Netherlands saw something they had never seen before: a beer commercial and more specifically a Heineken Beer Commercial …since then, advertising has never been the same and Heineken continues to blaze a trail as a global communicator of its brand through various media,” Harry pointed out.

According to the brand manager, in 2010 Heineken then launched the “Open your world” campaign. “This gave the brand a worldly, open-minded and a confident personality. With this, Heineken recognized the legend in all of its drinkers. Men who know their way around and recognize a fine beer when they taste one,” he stated.

The campaign was embraced here in Saint Lucia, as Heineken invited consumers to partake in many local promotions and events. These included movie premiers, UEFA Champions League viewing parties, Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival and Heineken Green Synergy among others.

Gaius Harry.

The brand also sought a “Legendary traveller” last year from Saint Lucia through its UTC promotion for 2013. The lucky winner received an all expense paid cruise.

And now, after a series of epic commercials, (especially The Legend) Heineken has unveiled “Open Your City.” The new campaign encourages consumers to experience the City life in a new and exciting way through the eyes of Heineken of course.

“Starting today, we invite consumers to “Open your bottle to open the City,” Harry says adding, “with every purchase of a limited edition “city” bottle of Heineken between September and October, consumers will have the opportunity to experience a magical moment in one city, compliments Heineken.”

During this “Under the Crown” promotion, lucky crowns with the names of various cities will represent different winning prizes.


The city of Amsterdam will represent one free Heineken.

The city of Berlin; 20 EURO.

The city of Rio; USD $20.

The city of Shanghai; a Technology Pack including – tablet and smart phone.

The city of London; £20

And for the grand prize, consumers should collect six of the “New York” crowns and write their name and telephone number on the entry form provided. This will ensure a chance of winning an all expense VIP Heineken experience trip for two to New York City.

This promotion will end on October 31, 2014 and the grand prize draw takes place November 5, 2014.

“During this “Open Your City” campaign Heineken will also be staging a number of public events based on the various city themes,” Harry says.

“We are excited about this new promotion and through are various media partners we expect that they will transmit this excitement to our consumers,” he ended by saying Wednesday.

Supermarket brand placements, billboards, bus shelter signage, radio, print and TV commercials are all being rolled out this week in support of this latest Heineken promotion.


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  1. Nice campaign but I think the brewery should invest in cleaning up Castries where rubbish and urine is taking over.How can we open our city to visitors especially those from the cruiseships and when they walk by the Soufriere bus stand they have to run cause the stench of urine is so unbearable why cause people drink all those beers and just urinate anywhere....


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