Heavy rain leaves roads in Marc and Bexon impassable

Heavy rain leaves roads in Marc and Bexon impassable
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Heavy rain brought floods to parts of the Castries South East Constituency particularly in Marc and Bexon on Wednesday evening, rendering several roads impassable to vehicles.

Parliamentary representative Guy Joseph told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that he visited the area around 4.p.m. and the situation seems to worsening due to the heavy rain.

“Going into the Marc area, not even four wheel drives can go through at this moment. It means that anything in Marc cannot come out and anybody that is out, cannot go in,” he said.

Nevertheless, Joseph told SNO that he was able to meet with several residents of the area and have urged them all to be safe and take precautions to avoid damage to their property.

He has also advised persons in low lying areas to move to higher ground or alternative locations.

The MP said one family has been relocated to another home because their home was flooded.

“We are advising as many people as possible to stay away from using the roads because the water level is coming up…and the river is close to overflowing in every area of the Bexon road.”

Joseph said in Odsan, the water is almost at the level of the road. “Had we not executed desilting work, I am certain that almost by now, water would have been on the road,” he stated.

The MP told SNO that since the Christmas eve through no desilting was done in that area, until recently.

Unfortunately, the constituency is still awaiting funding from the Caribbean Development Bank to continue works in that area, to address the massive flooding that continues to affect residents.

“I must express a lot of disappointment because it is has been over three years as parliamentary representative in opposition that I attended a meeting with the consultant for the programme and they said $6 million will be made available to spend in the Bexon area to mitigate the flooding. Millions of dollars have been spent on the consultant but nothing has been done to bring relief to the people of the area,” Joseph said.

Joseph told SNO that he observed during his visit that the force of the water from the Marc river was much stronger than the water coming from Bexon. He said where the two rivers join, the stronger water is flowing down the road, instead of the river, because of the strength.

“That is one of the recommendations we have made to ensure that the merging point of the two rivers will be further down stream, where there are less houses and less flooding. But even that has not been done…As soon as the prime minister gets back we will find the necessary funds to address that problem.”

Joseph is expected to visit several communities within his constituency later this evening.

Several other communities across the country have been flooded, including places like Saltibus and Micoud.


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