“Heartwarming” – Mary Francis pleased with inquest ruling

“Heartwarming” – Mary Francis pleased with inquest ruling
Mary Francis
Mary Francis
Mary Francis

Attorney and human rights advocate Mary Francis has said she is happy for the family of Micoud resident Chakadan Daniel, who died while in police custody.

On Friday, an inquest cited unlawful killing in Daniel’s death.

The 22-year-old was found hanging from his cell, two days after he was arrested for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property.

Daniel was scheduled to appear in the Second District Court in Dennery on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, when he was discovered dead at the Micoud Police Station.

A post mortem examination revealed he died of asphyxia.

Francis told HTS that the news of the verdict is “heartwarming”.

“For a long time now we have not been able to have inquests coming up with verdicts which are actually heartwarming,” she said.

Francis described Daniel’s incident as “particularly shameful” in terms of the manner of his death – hanging in the police station while in police custody.

“So I was particularly interested in the outcome and I am very happy for the family, that at least justice has been done and that now they can at least breath a sigh of relief, knowing how exactly their son came to his demise, and knowing that there is justice for them, and that at the end of the day, the matter will be pursued further on their behalf,” the attorney said.

Francis said the ruling in the Daniel case should set the pace for reform in local inquests.

“From last year the inquest started; when you have it stretching over a long period like that, sometimes it can lead to a lack of interest by the public and so forth. So once again I think it’s a good day for St. Lucia in terms of the outcome, and we are hoping that there will be more reform into the whole inquest and coroner’s inquest, and the coroner’s act, to ensure that there is more transparency, to ensure we can have more faith in the process.

Magistrate Robert Innocent presided over the inquest on July 24 at the Vieux Fort Court.

Evidence from both sides were heard before the jury delivered its verdict and the ruling was made.

Daniel’s mother, Frances Daniel, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) she is happy with the ruling and believes justice has been served.

She is now hoping that the persons responsible for her son’s death are put behind bars.


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  1. To be honest,right now if these police-officers were loyal and true to all of us in this country.The police officers who were involve by hanging thee man should have brought in by now.If our police are unable to practice fair-ness,how can they have programs on radio St.Lucia which they say is a programme called the police?The government should banned that programme on radio St.lucia.That,don't make no sense.Called yourself first then the citizen will call you.


  2. Justice....remember the inquest was conducted by the RSLPF. They are trying.

    We still have good cops!!!!


  3. Ignorant a--. The GOVERNMENT is responsible for Justice for the victims. I don't hear one of you complaining about the closed court house and forensic lab not to mentioned an under-equipped and under-funded police. Plus your Commissioner is on vacation at the pleasure of that same Government . Aren't all these institutions necessary to help a victim? So why don't you put pressure on the Government to see about the needs of victims.

    This country has no need for party hacks who can't demand good governance from their government but seek to tarnish others reputation, those who do their work. Fact is Mary is doing her work, when last has your Minister for Justice or PM done their work to aid victims? Another fact, this government is just as complicit in unlawful killings. Didn't Chakadan die under this administration? If we have to cast blame and give IMPACS legitimacy then all such alleged killings should be investigated.


    • You are so right Wham There, the people of St. Lucia are so corrupt that they don't have a conscience. They are so bent within that they are unable to differentiate Good and Bad. Instead of displaying the inept ( ignorance) nature of the majority; try reading to open your mind . Demand a national university for your country so your children can be educated...A society without checks and balances is St. Lucia and we will not be able to function being that way. If our justice system is not in order how can you expect a politician to be accountable to you the ignorant. Police are human being too and we cannot allow our brothers to use the power given to them to break the law. The average murderer who kills and get away will try it again. Let us stop this from now on ...No more unlawful killings.


  4. Mary Francis, where we're you hiding. Now that you are back can you help the police solve those brutal killings? Or should we wait until the police capture the killers, and when they abuse the authority and the only way they can be stopped is by taking them out you will be looking for justice for them. What have the police done to you that you dislike them so much. You are truly telling the criminals that they can do as they please and you will support them. I get the message you are sending out there. It's so disturbing for a human rights advocate. Shameful my lady thought you were smarter than the criminals.


    • You just proved to the world that you are ignorant....st. lucia is a country of laws....even the police are guided by laws....any cop who would go out shouting people for a measly salary of 2800 a month is a psychopath and needs to be sent to the gallows! The police should not be breaking the law in their pursuit of criminals......Mary Francis should be given a freaking medal.....wait til its you they give two slaps when they see you by your woman and they want her like i saw they do this young guy the other day.....deban suitwiyeres!


  5. Mary is one sided.....many young lives cut short....many die innocently not a word.....u only sympathize with criminals.....very hypocritical of you......all lives matter###shame on ur tactics.....


  6. If Mary would look into the VICTIMS right she would have my sympathy, but only looking for the criminals right is a bit ...cheeeeeeep.


  7. hartwarming indeed, its amazing how some persons take pride in the demise opf others. we need to remember that the law enforcemend we refer to stem from the very same society they are charged with protecting. But then again something dosent add up. A man dies from asphyxia and its a police killing. Where there any signs of physical trama. He was found hanging in his cell. the question is what is these officers are innocent. well the only time the case would be won is once the dpp comes to a decision on the matter and if so the accused must be brought to justice.


  8. Mary is a one sided individual.....anything ahainst the police she will get invollved in...the poor ppl who are being killed by stray bullets or are being robbed of their possessions an killed by criminals...she says nothing about that...i respect the work she is doing but when innocent people are affected by persons other than the police say something too....hypocryte..........


  9. It's never a problem until it hits our door.
    Chaka had a family , he was suppose to be in a safe place until he was taken to court. But, instead the officers took into their own hands and make the law out of him. Judging him on their own. Now the poor lady has been murdered "the mother of an officer" it's painful to see that some one has taken her life without cause. Shame on us. Shame on the police department. Some officer are shameless life takers.
    The commissioner should stay at his home and never come back. For he was the head of department and closed his eyes when these things were taking place. "Si pas ne situwerse pas ni voler" . If you are the head and the rest which forms the body are dirty you are dirty too. He didn't gives a danm or else once to many would never be. These culprits needs to JAILED.
    My opinion


  10. Bravo!! Magistrate Robert Innocent. I'm proud of my country's judicial system at last. "My own mind" Mary is a human rights lawyer take some time to read up on what human rights lawyers do please...


  11. My own mind what are you talking about Mary Francis selling herself are you not a parent don't you have brothers, cousins whatever. Wen a young man's life is cut short and killed like an animal there should be justice.am pleased with the outcome cause am a parent and I have brothers cousins and if that would have happened to anyone of Dem I would want her to stand up for me these bustards' that call themselves police officers need to feel the full force of the law the saddest part of this is that they won't be changed with murder they will slap them with a manslaughter charge. #youdothecrimeyoudothetime


  12. She should be a criminal rights activist, you had two brutal killings , 1 included the mother of a police and she has said NOTHING , a girl was killed in soufriere and she has said NOTHING , yes the judge ruled that the persons who killed Daniel were found guilty , justice has be served and now she comes out from under her rock. I agree with you my lady sell yourself , how else are you going to make your money? by being on the side of the criminals


    • My own sentiments My own mind! Ever since the report into police malpractices we have seen a sharp rise in the level of crime committed in this country. Iwhat does that tell us? Criminals don't give a damm about law enforces. Coupled with this rise there is an unheard of bravery, originality and creativity with which they go about committing their crime and this is the scary bit. Now miiss francis there is a saying which goes like this "if you cannot beat them you join then". Is that what you want St Lucia to become? It would be refreshing if you would let the criminals know you don't condone their criminality. I'm sure law abiding citizens would sleep better.


    • I so agree with you Mary should be a criminal rights lawyer. only when the criminals die she talking. Whats about all those young women and young men killed, you never say anything, where is the justice for constantine, yana and the list goes on. (Mary- devil" advocate)


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