Health revolution in the making, says minister

Health revolution in the making, says minister
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds. *SNO photo.
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds. *SNO photo.
Health Minister Alvina Reynolds. *SNO photo.

Plans to build a Diabetes Research Centre in Saint Lucia, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, will help to set the tone for a “health revolution” on the island.

This is according to the country’s Health Minister, Alvina Reynolds, who said the centre will not only serve Saint Lucians but many other countries throughout the region.

Reynolds noted that many people here and throughout the Caribbean suffer from this very serious non-communicable disease and many of these same people die each day.

The Babonneau Member of Parliament (MP) said it is therefore imperative that the Saint Lucian government take the opportunity to create something that could help save thousands of lives.

WScience Laboratories Chairman and Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Dr Walid Juffal will provide “generous” technical and financial support to establish the diabetes centre here.

Recent health reports indicates that Saint Lucians, including children, are now being diagnosed with diabetes. It was reported that persons 12, 14 and 15 year old are now being diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes which is usually associated with older people.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, in 2014, there were 10,200 reported cases of diabetes in Saint Lucia. Recent statistics shows that over 100 Saint Lucians lost limbs to diabetes in the past two years.

Saint Lucia has one of the highest per capita rate of diabetes in the world.


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  1. Look Batiz you does hear when you not deaf we! The two main hospitals on the Island is a mess. 5 years St.Jude still in a stadium. And lucians so gullible they will swallow all poop you put in their mouth.

    General Elections just round the corner these failures have all kinds of pronouncements to make. Your government Alvina cannot even run a poly clinic much less a forensic lab and you talking crap about diabetic research centre.. choops.


  2. It took this government 15 years to turn Consumer Protection just into a bill. A measure that is so greatly needed by the whole population including diabetics. How come as soon Juffali was found out less than 6 months there is already a bill in parliament?

    There are hundreds of bills sitting there which has not seen the light of day as the government of the day just chose to us it a a political stunt. Look how long the labor code was in limbo, something campaign after campaign was promised to the people by the SLP since 1997.

    However it was only brought to parliament in 2007 by the UWP. It was only commenced in 2012 by the SLP after 13 years. How long has the freedom of information act been there for? But you understand the reason for that right?

    Talking about pissing in the sky!! Juffali now has cancer, many St, Lucians also die of cancer and not necessarily of diabetes as this disease can be controlled through medication. Why not a cancer research centre or a cancer hospital, children hospital, whatever?

    The PM is once again playing on the sensibility and sensitivity of the populace once again like he once did while taking off the subsidy on sugar, said that he had watched his mother or grandmother die from diabetes. The lady died at a ripe old age of 80 something.

    Now tell me how many people wish that their loved ones or even themselves could see that age? I mean if you don't expect someone to die in their eighties then when? You mean to tell me that there are educated people who actually believe in such crap!!!!


  3. Well done with the talk as a diabetic i want the research complex as soon as possible.I know it will not be only research but extended services and it is not costing a cent.


  4. Alvina Reynolds can start the “health revolution” on the island in a small and effective way, by training and employing dietitians to improve the nation’s diet which generally is very low in roughage, too high in carbohydrates and fat. Also by implementing laws to curb soft drinks advertisement at prime time which targets the young. As well as encourage farmers to plant a variety of green vegetables and to sell them at an affordable price. Then, she can go a little bit further with incentives to encourage people to walk and exercise as part of their daily routine. Some of these positive health initiatives are taking place but they need to be embedded into people’s lives. We do not have to wait for a building to be established for the ‘health revolution’ to take off.


  5. Those statements are so disrespectful to the intelligence of st. Lucians I am ashamed to repeat them worst to any foreign friends of mine.

    The centre will serve countries in the region. Countries with medical universities? Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados with long histories of medical research due to UWI. I can see why they doh want PEP as Minister of Heath. He wouldnt spew that garbage.

    The centre will help save thousands of lives. All of a sudden in 2016 St. Lucia will get the capacity to save thousands of lives. What has insulin and all the other medications been doing all these years?

    Note well not a word on that from The St. Lucia Medical and Dental Association. Lets hear their president on that and then MAYBE we might be talking


  6. This government needs to stop playing politics with the health sector . The minister is just a puppet and you are just as lost in the health sector like your government . A research center is not what st.lucia needs and this will not save lives .

    This is spitting in the face of people who die from diabetes and also the families of people who suffer from this. The maintenance of dialysis machines and the accessibility for people to get treatment is whats needed .

    We cannot even have a stable flow of diabetic medication, a easier access of transport for diabetic patience and not even bed sheets we have frequently smh . What is sad is that the transition of the hospitals are taking so long due to money problems and training staff , also our crime lab cannot even get off the ground , but you think a research center where they have so much ground breaking centers around the word with a wayyy larger budget than we can only dream of, haven't make any more ground breaking truth to diabetes that can save lives , but we can !!!.

    WELL ST.LUCIANS NEWS FLASH : WHEN THE RESEARCH CENTER COMES UP WHICH MIGHT TAKE 4 TO 5 YEARS AND WE HAVE A BUILDING AND STAFF JUST KNOW ABOUT 35 THOUSAND PEOPLE WILL HAVE TIME DIE DUE TO NOT GETTING RENAL TREATMENT..that money will be better off boosting your renal departments in the hospital rather than playing politics with people's health disgust with that government !!! and the way they treat their locals it sickens me to my stomach .


  7. Usually by the time talk is heard about a possible mosquito born pandemic, fogging exercises would have already been underway. This woman is too delinquent with the health ministry, always making statements on matters which are no major priority at the moment. She needs to stop using St Lucia as a catwalk and start doing some work!

    As a Labour party supporter this woman is by far the WORST rep, Babonneau has ever had and the WORST Health minister St Lucia has ever ever had. Mondesord was more competent.


  8. Ms Reynolds, Please stop strutting all over the place and tell us what proactive measures are being put into place in the event of a Zika case here.


  9. This is so ridiculous and poor taste and timing by the Government. How is now alone you mentioning Jufali and the fact that he's a permanent representative? Now he wants to donate generously to a diabetes research center? How about investing in the forensics lab? You all are a joke...


  10. Lord , I am so tired of these people pouring bleach in our eyes. Hurry up and call elections. I will take anyone but these fools killing our nation . Persons are so blind to put colour aside and think of their wellbeing (then again they are , this government only takes care of its own)


  11. The woman is as clueless as a toad and is the same typical SLP hack. she has no idea what she talking about. what has that ministry done under alvina reynolds?. nothing. nada. zilch. zero. stop wasting our time writing nonsense coming from airheads like that with only air in their heads for a brain. a real time waster eating tax payers money for doing nothing. her political comrades want to now convince us that Juffalli was worth the international scandal and now we getting a research center out of it. woman stop blabbering on behalf of the SLP and go and hide back in the bushes in babonneau. stop talking. each time you talk even your SLP people start saying "bon-doos" cause they know….


  12. I just find it odd that the research centre was appropriately mentioned around the same time (November 2015) St.Lucians first heard about Juffali.
    In fact it was mentioned after the British press broke the Juffali news.
    Everything surrounding this individual just appears to be strategic.
    Was the mention of the lab used to prevent us from asking questions, and did the politicians think we are so gullible?

    While research into something would lead to a person, an organization, a nation to adopt preventative measures, my question in the absence of knowing what type of research that the Diabetes Research Centre might be undertaking is why on diabetes?
    Yes there is a high rate of affliction in St.Lucia, the Caribbean and the world, but isn't there research being conducted elsewhere? Could the monies be spent on something else? Maybe more education on diabetes(based on all the other research already conducted for years), more dialysis machines.
    Who will be conducting the research? Will these persons be sourced within St.Lucia, the Caribbean or the wider world?
    Infact do we have persons in St.Lucia who are qualified to carry out the research?

    In my honest and humble opinion I just think that this was just a little gift given to allow something else.
    This is my opinion based on the unanswered questions surrounding the appointment of this individual and the timing of certain events. Too coincidental perhaps?
    I am sorry but I will not be quick to celebrate this research centre and I don't really know whether my country was being used.
    Just saying.


  13. This minister makes sure all her actions revolves around politics...Nothing for her is done for progress...just political appraisal...


  14. I think I am lost. "A diabetes research center to help" What will be the researching on diabetes that has not been done internationally? Is it research for statistics? Like how many will die this year. The government should acknowledge that not all St Lucians are dumb.


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