Health ministry remembers St. Jude Hospital fire

Health ministry remembers St. Jude Hospital fire
St. Jude Hospital on fire (2009)
St. Jude Hospital on fire (2009)

The full moon of the night of Monday September 8th 2014 marked the beginning of the 5th anniversary of a tragic night, September 9, 2009.

On that night five years ago, a different glow lit up the night sky. The fierce fire that started in the surgical ward and took the lives of three persons, left the hospital in ruins.

There were many heroes that night who responded immediately with passion and heroism. This was inclusive of staff and a tremendous community effort.

The outpouring of support from the staff, local community, nation and international friends and benefactors of St. Jude Hospital was the major driving force that ultimately resulted in our survival.

This support has continued in the days, months and years after the fire and has continued to this day.

The George Odlum National Stadium has been transformed by the St. Jude Hospital staff into a fully operational hospital effectively serving the needs of the people of the southern half of the island.

Like in most disasters, support for the day to day operations of the hospital has tapered off somewhat.  Much of the external support has understandingly been focused on the rebuilding effort.

Although St. Jude Hospital continues to face a myriad of these day to day operational challenges at the Stadium, the staff remains focused on improving the care and service provided to the community that that we serve.

The people who constitute the workforce of St Jude Hospital are a special group of individuals. They are a family in many cases having bonds with many generations working over the years at the hospital.

Many staff willingly work long hours to ensure that the St. Jude community receives the best care that can be offered. This is done within the normally stressful conditions of a hospital magnified by the less than desirable conditions of the Stadium.

Service is usually provided with a smile and a calm and pleasant demeanor. St. Jude Hospital has provided an opportunity for many individuals to grow professionally within the institution.

We salute today, on the 5th anniversary of the St Jude Hospital fire, the unsung heroes who continue to provide superlative care on a daily basis to the people that we serve.


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  1. I am of the firm belief that this Press Relealse was an after thought. I am convinced that the Ministry was not aware of or deliberately did not recognize the this horrendous incident. However, because the UWP who recognised the date and organised a Press Conference in the south, which included a visit to the site of the New Hospital, the Ministry sent a press release. My reason for my statement is that, the same Ministry earlier had a Press Realease on SNO of the visit of the Minister to Soufriere. What should have gotten priority? Since when do Minister publicize where they are going. I could understand if the public is invited to the occasion of her visit.In such case the release must be done at lease a day in advance.


  2. How sad Five year and the staff is still at the stadium . The SLP government Don't give a damn about the staff and people of the south.


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