Health care and party politics don’t mix

Health care and party politics don’t mix

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – When doctors put down their stethoscopes, fold and pack away their medical coats, the immediate casualties of their failure to report to work, are the people who need them most.

Our sick men, women and children, asthmatics, epileptics, and babies dehydrated from gastroenteritis, are further afflicted when their caregivers are not present.

No one can deny that St. Jude’s Hospital, it’s staff and patients, are in need of urgent attention. The government must also listen to pleas from members of the public for improved dissemination of information, on disquieting issues like the OKEU Hospital and National Health Insurance. Yet, these shortcomings do not justify the threat to abandon the sick; choosing instead to stay home while they are left to suffer alone.

The executive of the SLMDA must steadfastly reject all partisan pressures and requests for political favors. As physicians, our loyalty must always be, first and foremost, to our patients. Let us remember, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other”. Luke 16:13


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  1. I notice that we, the public, don't know who issued this "press Release" but clearly it is the dumbest thing ever written. Politics determine most things in St.Lucia including matters impacting health care and so there is nothing wrong in finding a political solution to any problem that politics impacts.


  2. Our politics has become very, very ugly. Some without moral compasses are seeking to highlight, quite shamelessly, the very defects and shortcomings in the current system, that they themselves left behind quite recently when they were in office. Can you believe that this is happening? This is boundless dishonesty fuelling the greed for power-hungry dog-in-the-manger types. Give them the power. They cannot and will not do the job. Out of power, they criticize just what, when in power, they left undone. Despicable.


  3. Sir, its a time to protect our country and everyone, including doctors should play their part. That is the option we have in the Westminster system of government. It is the non-violent option we have to change bad government. Let us March on Sunday and create a path for our continuing attempts at improving our democracy.


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