Health and food safety tips for the Christmas season

Health and food safety tips for the Christmas season


PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Health and Wellness issues a special appeal to persons during the festive season to place safety and well-being high on their agenda.

Traditionally, the festive season is generally a time of sharing and giving with family and friends but the Ministry cautions that individuals should strive to not accede to excesses in alcohol consumption, and any form of recklessness that can potentially compromise personal safety and that of others.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Health and Wellness urges that persons note the following:

1. Persons on medication should take them close to the usual times.
2. Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast. It will be harder to keep your blood sugar in control, and you’ll be really hungry and more likely to overeat.
3. Eat sensibly and observe basic hygiene of hand washing and proper food preparation. Remember foods are never on sale, if there is a sale on food items examine all foods carefully prior to purchase, check for any damages of food items such as and expiry dates. * Never purchase can foods which are unlabeled, and large quantities of foods with short shelf life or close to being expired. *
4. Avoid purchasing any meats that has not been inspected and passed.
5. Cook food thoroughly and separate raw and uncooked foods.
6. Keep foods at safe temperatures
7. Stay in Control .Avoid or limit alcohol. Do not drink and drive.
8. Stay active. Getting active is a good move for the whole family. and it reduces stress during one of the most stressful times of the year.
9. Get Enough Sleep. Aim for 7 to 8 hours per night
6. Seek medical attention if not feeling well.
7. All persons who slaughter animals for sale should come into the Department of Environmental Health for registration and to schedule a date for inspection.
8. Always be aware of your surroundings and protect life and property

Through an involved consciousness and applied individual responsibility, the Ministry of Health and Wellness assures everyone that the adoption of these simple health tips will significantly reduce the burden on our health system and prevent personal harm during the festive season and beyond.

Given the advent of the Christmas season, the Ministry of Health and Wellness wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

For further information contact the Bureau of Health Education at 468-5349/18 as well as the Department of Environmental Health at their Castries Office 468-3700 / 468-3712 and 454-6329 / 454-9994 at the Vieux Fort Office.


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