He was “gangster but someone’s child” — says friend of Saint Lucia’s second homicide victim

He was “gangster but someone’s child” — says friend of Saint Lucia’s second homicide victim

(SNO) — Two persons close to Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim, Henry ‘Zizzy’ Calderon of Water Works Road, Castries, said the youth may have been in bad company but he was “someone’s child”.

Calderon, who would have celebrated his 22nd birthday on April 28, was shot at Water Works Road on Monday evening (Jan. 14). Police responded to the shooting about 9:15 p.m.

In a press release on Tuesday, the police said Calderon was transported to Victoria Hospital “where it was noted that he sustained multiple gunshot wounds about his body”.

He was “later formally pronounced dead” by a medical practitioner, police said.

A young man, described as a “close friend” of the deceased, said though “everyone knows Zizzy was a gangster he had his good and bay ways like anyone else”.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the friend added: “He chose his path, but he was someone’s child. People can say what they want.”

A woman said Calderon, who was her cousin, was no saint but no one deserved to die the way he did.

“I knew him from a baby. He was an okay person if you get to know him. He was just in too much bad company,” the cousin added, also speaking condition of anonymity.

Police said a post mortem examination is scheduled for a subsequent date and investigations are ongoing.

Calderon’s killing is the second homicide for the year.

The first homicide was recorded on Sunday (Jan. 13) when the body of 66-year-old British national, businessman and longtime Saint Lucia resident, Robert ‘Bob’ Hathaway, was discovered in a pool of blood at his home in Piat, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet on Sunday, after midday. He is believed to have been stabbed to death, according to unofficial reports.


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  1. The problem with US st. Lucians is that a majority of us do not care until it hits our people. We see countless examples of young people choosing the WRONG paths, yet what do we agitate for to help them? WE ELECT POLITICIANS WHO ARE CORRUPT AND MAKE OUR SYSTEMS WORSE. In the FACE of abhorrent evil as the current state of our country we DO NOTHING! HEALTH, EDUCATION, SO MANY SECTORS BEING PROSTITUTED TO THE FFF Alliance, what are we doing???? VICTIMIZATION IS SO Real, BUT Does IT REALLY MATTER as I see no future for my unborn children in this country. Zizzy is dead, let his death serve as an example for others to strive for that change he sought. We need better social systems than what we have now. The status quo is failing our nation, if people care more things will change. We cannot wait on the elected they are failing us, let us be that chance we want to see and by God's grace and mercies, the healing that this Helen of the west needs will multiply.


  2. Good Boy Now....Now Alone he was a good boy....as he stretch, he was good. IT RIIIIGHHHHHHHTTTTTT!!!! THAT GOOD FOR HIM - GOOD BOY MY FOOT! Gold teeth eh sae your boney ti neg self!

    If its not a robbery, is a break entering or is a wake up and your car missing. And as soon as they stertch, he was loving boy. suitueezzzz!!!!!!!!!!

    I not feeling sorry for none of them Menaces. All those that saying he was a good - raise a Foundation in loving memory of the 'good boy". Go raise awareness of how to be a good boy but just with bad company. Trash!!!!


  3. R.I.P. young man after seeing all their pardnas get shot like that i have no idea how this young guys continue that lifestyle. I just they don't fear death


  4. If he just hanged out with bad company, where exactly is that bad company? Is everyone in that bad company a good boy? So when good boy come together a bad company is formed?


  5. Again he was a gud boy, had his ways like all of us, he was a gangster yes but that's not a bad thing is it? I met up with him in Bagatelle in December and he told me he was going to change his life for the new year, he even gave me a date, he said Lovie Darling by February 30 2019 I will be a change young man, Too bad he did not get the chance to do so, they killed that gud boy.
    I know he was a gud boy, little mischievous and lazy but still a gud boy.


  6. "He was gangster". AA I did not know "gangster" was a career. That come out deh like it was his job wii.


    • Again he was a gud boy, had his ways like all of us, he was a gangster yes but that's not a bad thing is it? I met up with him in Bagatelle in December and he told me he was going to change his life for the new year, he even gave me a date, he said Lovie Darling by February 30 2019 I will be a change young man, Too bad he did not get the chance to do so, they killed that gud boy.
      I know he was a gud boy, little mischievous and lazy but still a gud boy.


  7. Only real gangster dead or in jail. So sad you tell people their future and they still choose to go the wrong way and people come say he was a good person but he was a gangster yes my friend and whilese you at it start mixing water and oil. You choose so as for that when the man come for you you deal with the man. I ain't sorry if you a menace to society and you claim is you ain't have no father you a as poor it was my life but I never took that to mean I had to take from those trying to do for their. You all need to stop making excuses for ppl who take the wrong path in life the way it works out is for all works there is a place as pAyday his came........


  8. aa but why dey had to keel him uhhhh. he did not do nufffinng. He say he was changing for the new year. da boy did not deserve datt. lorrrdd.

    Lol rip stupid


  9. He not working and he have that wad of $100s in his hand. They robbing people all over Castries breaking people houses all over. What you sow what you reap. I hope those who were his friend and all the others who chose the path like him will change their ways. Stop the life of crime.


    • Who said he wasn’t working?, the young man was a jeweler you people need to stop judging others, you quick to speak on others, no one is perfect there must be a family member of yours involved in a Gangstar life style and you don’t want them dead soo don’t be soo judge full


  10. It's really difficult not to show some empathy for those who are affected by the passing of this young man. But there is equally an issue of 'you reap what you sow' Indeed he was a so called good boy, but how much did those he was a good boy to try to encourage him to change his ways? And how many other fellow Saint Lucian's lives he positively or negatively influenced in his association with bad company? Aren't they someone's children too? These so called good boys are damaging image of our nation, spoiling those impressionable young ones who look up to them and who later in life may want to emulate them.... For a small nation as Saint Lucia, crime to way to high....gone are the days of neighbourly love, of just chilling out having a nice chat, or just playing dominoes drinking a piton, gone are the days of leaving your front door open. Criminals run riot on the Island with no response from the Government. As a proud Saint Lucian I live in hope our Island will become a better place. It takes everyone to do their part. Question is: THIS SO CALLED GOOD BOY, DID HE DO HIS PART?


    • C-wiz
      if you can answer your last question then you shouldn't live on this world... C-WIZ ITS NOT YOUR ROLL...... leave it to god


      • Jo, I respect your right to voice your opinion. It is healthy for a young democracy such as Saint Lucia is. As relating to your statement that I should live it to god, I propose this to you. Did you leave it to god to make your statement to me on your behalf? Obviously not. So therefore, if you left it to god to answer me on your behalf then I am 100% certain god would not answer me on your behalf, so you did it yourself...Bon me choc La...so why are you chastising me to leave it to god when you did not leave it to god to answer me on your behalf? Jo I will not leave it to god....I am a free thinking human being and therefore I am within my every right to my opinion whether wrong or right. Just an added note on god... How long has the church been praying for a better Saint Lucia and a reduction in crime? How long have you been praying Jo for god to answer your prayers? I guess you know where I am going with this...But I will say with bated breath, keep praying....but you will more likely to see an elephant fly. Keep the dialogue going fellow Saint Lucians


        • C-wiz you dont make any sense. Dont tell me what i should and shouldn't do.
          Advice for you...go look yourself in a mirror before you open you mouth


          • @JO

            1) That's precisely my point Jo...SO YOU ARE NOW DOING TO ME WHAT YOU DON'T WANT ME TO DO TO YOU BY TELLING ME WHAT TO DO?....pardon me the brain bender. But talk about people speaking with a forked tongue...If you don't understand that then tout bagai tombey.

            A simpler explanation for you JO.
            I cannot tell you what to do but you can tell me what to do? You were the first to tell me leave it to god now my riposte is too much for you?

            2) I really don't have to make sense to you Jo. It's an open forum here, where anyone could contribute to the debate. So to your statement, I couldn't care less.

            By the way Jo, to my question in the first Post ' THIS SO CALLED GOOD BOY, DID HE DO HIS PART? is a rhetorical question. It's a figure of speech that doesn't require an answer. It was made for effect..dramatic effect even...I am a proud Saint Lucian and I came from a land of Great Poets, therefore, I C-WIZ, reserve poetic licence...


      • Zero empathy. Too many victims out there suffering and afraid because of those good boy ti negs....if its not a robbery ...is wake up and your vehicle gone. And when they kill out each other - he was a good boy. Suituuezzzz.....Well good boy get the good thing that was coming to him. That's why evil will never stop, cause all them human rights "he was a good boy" useless activist, soo loving and caring will never give them their wallets an credit cards but speak against the public and police when they enforce law. IT RIIIGGHHHHTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for him!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody menace child my foot....


    • Who said he wasn’t a working young man, the young man was a jeweler he has talent, some of you can be soo judgmental like you’ll are living perfectly. Truth is good people die to, being gangster doesn’t mean you don’t have a good heart it’s a level of mindset where you don’t talerate nonsense, he wasn’t a theif he didn’t do bad to innocent people he only dealt with his bad full enemies which is not a good thing but the young man should be left in peace???. Lord wash away everyone’s sins through your son name I pray??


  11. To all those people who said he was a bad boy, and this is what he choose ( multiple bullets) I wonder how they them self going to die. cause they a so good lol jokers

    There are some St. Lucian they are so good they should be Jesus


  12. Sad to see such a young man in his prime go this way. But this is the life he chose. The Bible says "the way of the transgressor is hard." I do have nephews and its painful when young men die in such a manner but people who live so recklessly without impunity rarely die of natural causes. in most cases they die in the very thing they engaged in. my gosh! how many more will die this way? The fact is, it does not have to continue this way. The choice is always ours.


  13. It’s quite funny how people be crying when the karma hit. You do bad things, bad things will happen to you. It could be my child or your child.... that’s just the way it is, it’s just that simple.

    Moral of the story, do some good today and put away your distructive attitudes!


  14. He was a gud boy, a little troublesome but he was a gud boy, he helped lots of little old ladies crossed the street , and helped to carry their bags, he had his ways but he was a gud boy.
    He was just about to change his life , seeing that we still in January. Trust me he was a gud boy.


  15. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Every man has a right to decide his own destiny, and he chose a path of destruction.