“He pulled the knife and end up stabbing me” – A YPG story

“He pulled the knife and end up stabbing me” – A YPG story

slide1-1For us to achieve anything in life, we need to have faith and confidence in ourselves. I had faith but was lacking confidence.

I used to follow other people’s opinion and try to please them. If anybody says that I was not good enough, I used to be sad. If I didn’t have the nicest phone like what my friends had, I felt like I was out of fashion.

The disgrace began in my life when I started to follow friends. I was doing well at school, I was always obedient to my teachers, but when I was around my friends I used to drink with them and I used to be a completely different person. My mother never knew about that because every time after drinking I used to go and brush my teeth just for her to not smell the rum in my mouth. One day my teacher caught me drinking at school and I was in big trouble.

At home I was a nice daughter but at school I used to be someone else. I used to have two faces. I used to be around boys at school but when we were reaching close to our house, I used to send them away and come back home with the girls; in this way the people in the community couldn’t say the boys were my boyfriends.

My sisters and I used to be like cat and dog in the house. We used to fight and argue every day.

Sometimes food was lacking at home. I was just fourteen and facing a lot in my life. God really gave me strength to go through all this and overcame my problems, because if it was not Him, I could have done something bad with my life.

The worst moment in my life was when a boy fought with me. That day was terrible and he had a knife with him. He pulled the knife and end up stabbing me. There was so much blood pouring from my body that I thought I would die. I didn’t tell this to my mother because I did not want her to go after the boy and cause the situation to escalate.

I always had bad headaches and I drank lots of tablets which did not help me. My life was a mess. No peace, no joy, just suffering. This press release could be about my death or about something bad that could have happened with me but God helped me and today I am free.

My sister invited me to the YPG (Youth Power Group), I went with her and I took the decision to change my life. Today I am free and happy. I don’t get involved with wrong friends anymore and the YPG keeps me out of trouble. I gave my life to God and now I help youths that are going through the same situation as I was facing.

Mindey Willie

::Good to Know::
The life story displayed here is real and if you want to meet Mindey Willie she is available every Friday to talk to you. It is free and private.

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  1. I love this mighty empowerment group. I pray that the lord will continue using this faith empowerment group to reach many young and older people. Many your testimony be an encouragement to many. Jesus saves praise God.


      • I have met some of these young ppl and these stories are real life an its great to see who they have become and how they have over come the challenges they have faced, because many youths go through a hard time and their are not many to give them a good help in hand but once these youths come and share what God has done for them ppl like you come and judge when ppl like you don't help them, but when these youths commit suicide or get killed at the end of the day yourll will say just so, but ppl like you don't know what they are facing. Amen to this young lady and great work the this ypg group, and these kids are furthering they education going to school , really u will come up here and say the ppl talking the children money come on, grow up plzz.


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