He doesn’t believe in God, should I end this?

He doesn’t believe in God, should I end this?

Dear Willie: 
I am a Christian young lady. I did not grow up in church but as I got older I decided to join one.

I was also single but recently I met this young man that I’ve been seeing. He is not a Christian, in fact he doesn’t believe in God. Willie I believe this is an issue in our relationship.

I just cannot see myself with somebody who doesn’t believe in God and I am thinking of ending this. People are telling me this is no reason to end the relationship because the fella treats me just right and good men are hard to find.

I am a bit confused. What do you think I should do? Should I end this? Is that a silly reason for breaking up with somebody? Just need some advice.

Dear Miss: Do what’s best for you. Do what your heart is telling you to do. Do not let people dictate your life and relationship. You said: “I just cannot see myself with somebody who doesn’t believe in God.”

That statement alone is what your mind and heart is telling you. Good people are indeed hard to find, but God has better things in store for you. Not everything that glitters is gold. Just be patient – and careful.


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  1. Religion beliefs is the the base of most war and still is today's with the reality of terrorism! Believe in a good person to be with, if he is the right one, you will know! If you continuously question yourself, he is not! Also a wrong person for you does not mean he is wrong for another, if he treats you wrong, you are not the one he wants! If you were the one he really really wants... he would treat you right!!!


  2. simply put both of you are like oil and water. Your relationship with god is more important devote everything to the almighty and he will provide you with the right person.


  3. Try bringing him to church...Speak to him about God.. I blive God puts certain ppl in our life for a reason .....whether it be to teach us, help us or even to grow us. Mayb God put him in ur life for a reason


  4. Please.......
    Don't go there. If you have acknowledged those difference from early. Pack your bag and leave in JESUS name. That level of conversion/transformation can only be done by GOD. You cannot waste your time,usefulness and youthfulness at such venture. Only GOD converts. Spend your time with the Lord and seek his intervention for him. It is a lost battle.
    Satan always presents his workers to help meet or satisfy your physical needs and inadequacies; but that of course is only temporary. God has a greater plan for you and your life. Keep away from temptations. It a wrong time to lose your salvation.


  5. God luvs US all.he works in numerous ways may be u might be his way of gettin too him. Discuss it with him and make a


  6. Let me just say this. You can't force someone to believe in god or show him or her things that may appear to be gods work or a miracle from God theres no proof of god so that's like a dead end for you to convince him. He has to find god within himself it's a feeling and that feeling will be the proof. I'm not saying we are god or we made god. When I look at myself I look at the things around me I study the universe it's that feeling that makes me know there is. So he has to find it within himself. Second believing in god does not only solve anything are u a true believer of God? Do u have that connection with God ? If so the you can speak to him tell him what makes u think that a god exists u can have a nice conversation it does not call for argument if it's not meant to be u will know and if u are a true believer u should seek for someone else if he does not feel the same way.


  7. Young lady plead the blood of Jesus in your life and his watch God work. You see our great heavenly father will make the those who don't know him for themselves belive .Just put everything in his hands all your cares. He can change this man heart. Just asked God to renew a right spirit withing him.We have to pray for all those who don't believed in our Lord.


  8. Maybe this man needs you to help him through his spiritual world. Some takes time. God will help you through and maybe a miracle will be the cause of a great change. If he is right with you , please pray fir him and god will help you through. Leaving mighty not be the best. Some takes time to see him through. But he knows this young man and he ( god) will do his will.


  9. Before the Caucasoid invaded, then raped, sodomised, tortured and physically abused or motherland in exchange for his story book {his bible} we knew nothing about this brainwash fallacy called Christianity.

    So it's so sad when black people allow superstition {religion} to interfere with their lives and especially their relationships on that level. SMH.


  10. Willie you are misguided. Everyone here who is professing some sort of Christian superiority because you believe in God is misguided. Whether or not a person believes in God has nothing to do with whether they are a good partner or lover, friend, husband or wife. This young lady is confused, she has been brainwashed by unscrupulous pastors and controlling priests to believe that belief in God makes you a good person.

    Newsflash it doesn't.

    Your beliefs don't make you a good person, your actions do.

    The greatest scam religious people ever pulled was equating morality with religion. Morality does not equal religion and vice versa. If your core beliefs make you feel he isn't the one then don't engage him. Find a "good" christian man and everything will be all right. Right? I hope at night as you lay in your bed if you don't realize that maybe your God sent a non believer to see if you would accept one of his gifts or cast it away like swine before pearls. See I can use the bible to support my opinion too. You are still a child. You don't deserve anyone, Christian or non Christian. And before you "godly folk" out there start screaming ATHEIST ATHEIST..WE HAVE AN ATHEIST OVER HERE...I am a Christian...a Christian with a brain in his head.


    • True. But simply at the end of theday its her decision based on her beliefs.if she believes it will be a problem,then she should leave him alone.even though he was christian,and there was another issue close to her heart she think is a problem,then it would be the


    • Wow. Well I'm glad to see that, from the comments, God is still real to most Lucians, praying for the blinded "evolutionists and atheists". To this dear lady, there's no silly reason for choosing to end a relationship, if u feel it's not right for whatever reason then don't worry about what people have to say just do what's best for you. Definitely pray about it, if you seek God's guidance He will guide you in the matter. Life is about decisions and despite what the atheists and evolutionists say, you do believe in God and you need to seek Him for guidance and wisdom in making decisions and strength to cope with the consequences of those decisions.

      Willie is on point with that response.

      And just to clear some things up, no one is perfect, Christian or not we all make mistakes, it's called being human. Religion is not important, relationship with Christ is.