He couldn’t leave the rum – Friend said suspected drowning victim was an “alcoholic”

He couldn’t leave the rum – Friend said suspected drowning victim was an “alcoholic”
John Gabriel King
John Gabriel King

A “drinking problem” has ultimately led to the death of 59-year-old Ciceron resident John Gabriel King, who is suspected of drowning in the Castries Harbour last week, according to a longtime friend of the deceased.

Steve Parker said King was well-liked but he was an alcoholic.

“All I knew John had a drinking problem. He was an alcoholic,” Parker told DBS, “because he went to Canada, they tried and help him, they couldn’t, they deported him. He came back here, he still had that problem. He was just an alcoholic, he just wouldn’t listen. Everybody would talk to him… ‘it’s time to leave that rum’, he just couldn’t leave it.”

According to a police statement, “on Thursday, November 30, 2017, about 6:00 p.m. officers attached to the Police Marine Unit responded to a report of a suspected drowning in the Castries Harbour, at Waterfront, Castries.

“It was reported that John Gabriel King had dived into the harbour and did not resurface. Recovery efforts were initiated, however due to poor visibility the search was called off. His body was recovered by officers attached to the Police Marine Unit, about 8:20 a.m. on Friday, December 01, 2017.”


Parker said he was overcome with emotions when he learned of his friend’s death.

“I coudn’t say anything, I couldn’t move… I couln’t believe it… so I went to the Harbour then they showed me where he jumped…I couldn’t believe… Nobody, nobody could not jump to save him. I understood they tried to give him a stick but John was too drunk, he couldn’t make it. He came up and he just went back down.

“I just started to cry. In spite of how he was he was a human being and he was liked. He will be missed,” Parker said.

King was known to walk for miles when under the influence of alcohol, Parker said.

“There was one time in Dennery, during the Christmas time, he walked all the way to Dennery to my home. As I told you, very lovable guy, everybody liked him, he was pretty nice. He had this charismatic thing about him, like he knows how to smooth to the customers, how to really get to the heart.

“He couldn’t leave the drinking,” Parker said.

“About two years ago, he was so drunk, he just took a dive in all the water, in the dirty water… by the market, Jeremie Street,” Parker added.

“Definitely, I will miss John King, I will miss him. We used to go karaoke together, and we used to really enjoy it. He was the life of the party, he was the life of the karaoke, anytime he walked in… We would even the John King hour at the karaoke, one thing about that. He used to go by karaoke by Pep, he used to go by Monty’s place. He was the life of the karaoke, we gonna miss that terrible, even my daughters did like him.”


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  1. Randy you are so right, my now deceased father had a drinking problem also, we as kids had to go pickup my father in the gutters. I feel very sad , for the family. i couldn't have said it any better. People deal with problems in different ways, i still cry thinking if i was older if i could have made a difference in my father's life. There is no help nor compasion for poor people. There are alot of people because they have a position in society they look down at other people. This is not the way of God, people try to be more caring to one another.......


  2. An alchoiic can never be cured. However there is help. One has to endevour/try to do the "12 steps". Talk to someone who did the steps. Forget stigma, go to rehab. I did. Living without alcohol is wonderful. You then become happy.


  3. Alcoholism, drug addiction is nothing but a weakness, it's not a sickness. This man was weak, and this is what happens to the weak. Nature weeds out the weak and the old. No news here move on.


  4. People drink to suppress and numb pain. There is no such thing as a drinking problem. He had issues for which he used drinking to help him cope. We also use smoke, food, sex, drugs, shopping and even work to help escape pain. Tv and entertainment also. Food for thought here.


  5. to all those that like rum and are alcoholics try to get help cause yall just saw what under the influence of alcohol can do to you. nothing wrong in taking a drink in a while but dont get to drunk. i know am going to get alot of dislikes cause most people dislike the truth even if it is for their own good.


  6. Satan you nothing but a fucking bastard, my heart breaks.Hearing such good things about this man.He died from the Liquor bottle.. ..This reminds me of the country western song,up goes the bottle but down goes the man.One time he was so drunk he walk from Castries to Dennery,poor thing.One time he was so drunk he jump in the dirty water on Jeremie Street by market.this one for me is very sad,that Liquor my people that Satanic demonic Alcohol.Control it dont let it control you'll.My condolences go out to the family and friends in moaning.


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