Hazardous coconut tree in Pierrot, Vieux Fort cut down “finally” (+video)

Hazardous coconut tree in Pierrot, Vieux Fort cut down “finally” (+video)
A man chopping the coconut tree in this video-still image
A man (left) cutting the tree which had posed a threat to homes (right) in the area in the storm season.

(SNO) — Several residents in the community of Pierrot, Vieux Fort are reportedly relieved that a coconut tree, which posed as a hazard during the rainy season, particularly when there’s a storm, was cut down on Saturday morning (Oct. 13).

“We want Saint Lucia to know that the coconut tree has finally been cut down,” one of the elated residents told St. Lucia News Online on Saturday.

On September 11, 2018, an article in St. Lucia News Online revealed the plight of residents, one of whom had expressed concern that the tree was endangering the lives of persons in her neighbourhood, in light of the current Atlantic Hurricane Season.

ORIGINAL STORY: “Lives will be lost” in Pierrot, Vieux Fort; resident goes to media as “last resort”

The resident had also reported that the tree had ‘threatened’ three homes in the community, including her own.

The complaint went public as a last resort because residents had done all they can — including negotiating with the owner of the tree and contacting the authorities — to get the matter rectified, the resident had reported last month.

“I just want to say thank God and thanks to whoever was responsible for cutting it down. To God be the glory,” the resident said, while also thanking St. Lucia News Online for reporting on the situation.

Trees hanging over homes are dangerous. On Thursday, September 27, 2018, a mango tree fell on a four-bedroom, two-story house in Cacao, Babonneau, during the passage of Tropical Storm Kirk, while Saint Lucia was under a “tropical storm warning”.

At least two of the five occupants sustained minor injuries and the family left homeless. READ: Babonneau family loses “everything” after tree falls on house during storm



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  2. It was keeping me up at night that a coconut tree was threatening 3 pos homes in pos vieux fort. Small mercies.


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