Hawksbill turtle lays eggs on Vigie beach

Hawksbill turtle lays eggs on Vigie beach


A hawksbill turtle was discovered laying eggs on the Vigie beach in Castries on Wednesday morning, by employees of the National Conservation Authority (NCA).

The discovery was made around 10-10:30 a.m.

The employees summoned the Department of Fisheries, who arrived on the scene minutes later.

However, the team said although it was the first nesting at the Vigie beach for 2016, the turtle’s nesting was unusual.

The turtle nested for approximately one hour before returning to sea.

Last year, staff of the Fisheries Department were trained to respond to incidents of turtle nesting. They were taught how to secure and protect the nesting sites.


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  1. Why cant yourll take the criticism and not alter my original comment...thats disgusting....i spoke the truth...


  2. While there is positive need to celebrate this occurrence, I dont think this matter should have be blowing up this matter in the public...
    they will now need to ensure that you have 24/7 lookout because curious onlookers,

    Still good news


  3. wow its a good thing they saw it first and came on time . these guys could be good police officers cause watch how fast they said they came to the turtle that was laying eggs (in minutes) but the real ones take hours to show up on a scene of crime or accident . good job fishers and keep it up


    • because saving turtles is much better than saving humans...i guess that is the value of our lives


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