Haste, inexperience and the desire to inflict pain on SLP is driving govt, says Pierre

Haste, inexperience and the desire to inflict pain on SLP is driving govt, says Pierre
Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre
Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre
Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre

The opposition has responded to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s statement about plans to meet with some ambassadors, who he thinks should resign or quit.

Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre said haste, inexperience and the desire to inflict pain on the Saint Lucia Labour Party is driving the government to do these unceremonious things.

Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) recently that contracts for every ambassador has an out clause but it says that the ambassador must be fired with a cause.

“The ambassador to the OAS has up to April, the reason why the government’s five year real term ends in April. The ambassador in Miami, the contract ends in April next year,” he explained.

The opposition leader is questioning what damage an ambassador can do to a government between October and April. “Ambassadors and high commissioners work on instruction from head office. So its just the prime minister wants to be vindictive,” he opined.

“When we came into government, we kept ambassadors and high commissioners til their term ended in April because these people work on instructions. Ambassadors do not dictate government policy. Ambassadors are not ministers of government, they follow government policy.”

He continued: “So to make the point, and point specifically to ambassadors that you are going to fire them and take them to court, is very unbecoming of a prime minister who speaks of bringing the country together.”

Pierre told SNO that the government has two choices, they either send the ambassadors home, pay them and allow civil servants to run the embassies, or let them complete their contracts.

Meanwhile, the prime minister has also stated that some statutory boards did not want to resign, making the process of appointing new board members more extensive than usual.

But again Pierre argued that the minister in charge of boards can dismiss the board at his will, with the exception of the Public Service Commission and Teaching Service Commission, which are appointed every three years.

“Boards do not tie you. Most of the boards responsible to an authority that has staff,” he stated.

Pierre said in cases where a new government takes office, it would be wise if they retain the services of some of the board members, to use their institutional memory, and add whoever they wish.

“But what this government wants to do in their whole desire to victimize and desire to look for blood, they want to dismiss everyone. And now they find themselves in a position where they do not have the institutional memory to continue the business of government…like in the case of the Castries City Council,” he said.

Chastanet has said that his administration is not in a rush to appoint people ‘willy nilly,’ as his administration is using the current time scale to work on its overall plan.


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    • No. Most of our politicians have ABSOLUTELY no acquaintance with the discipline of psychology. To our many morons, what is obvious to those who know, is nothing short of psychological projection.

      That is, you criticize others on the basis of what you would have done, if given an opportunity. It is like saying you would kill, if you were in a position to do so, but not that the other person has any intentions or is has or is killing anyone.

      Projection of one basest feelings to others IS NOT PROOF. It only shows a crass and gutter rat mentality.


  1. SLP were so slow mentally, that they lost the election even before the polling date was announced. Do you need any more proof? They were in a position to call it. They did and lost. SLP should have acted a lot faster and sooner. That is with great haste. This lesson is lost on SLP. Again, uhn, they are so damn slow. Even the money tree hurried up and dried. Or is it died?


  2. I dislike all politicians with a passion. I do not care whether it is one party or the other ,all St.Lucian deserve the right to work eat and have the basic necessities of life. I suspect if politician keep on firing people for petty reason like political affiliation one of these days St Lucian will have the courage to stand for their rights .There will be a riot too big for this Island to handle .We need to start prosecuting politician and holding them accountable for the country's money that they are squander on none sense and send them to that huge real estate property the state have in Dennery. Some thing is wrong in this Country .Why Should I pay WASCO a monthly bill and don't get water for months? Why should I use untreated river water to wash cook and bathe when I pay WASCO every month? Why Should Government not account for their Vehicle that is driven on all odd hour of the night and in all odd Location on weekends ? Why are they paying employee that show up half of the day and disappear from work ? Why is Government workers meal hour is an hour and a half two hours plus and is not accountable to no one ? Why is Government worker can choose not to show up for work and their own whims and fancies ? Why is government renting so many office space in the tune of millions of dollars ?
    Why would Government spend millions of dollars in cutting grass instead of planting food?Why would government wasting so much money in traveling and nothing to show for that? Why is Government is not addressing wastage ? Why is government feel they are not accountable to the citizen ? Why can St.Lucian stop this foolishness that we call Government and take control of their country ?Why is Government continuing to borrow money to satisfied their stupidity? Why would almost a million dollars be spent on investigation on st Jude hospital affair?That is almost a Million dollars that can be pump in the health sector . Until my concern are not addressed my opinion of politicians will never change. May be the IMF will put sense in St. Lucia, its only then we will see the need to run the country as a business, Note ,the times we are living in is not business as usual. We need to cut spending on wastage and make these political jokers be responsible for their actions


  3. Pierre, a lot of these people are in these positions because of party affiliation. Many do not have the qualifications, skills or experience to hold these jobs. In addition, they are not producing. When given a position based on party affiliation, one must expect their services will not be needed when a new government is established. These people are receiving very nice salaries. Their positions as ambassadors should have allowed them to establish contacts around the world. If they are so good, they will land a good job somewhere. While you're at it, tell the Attorney General to do the honorable thing and resign.


    • Just like the entire set of MPs. They know no better. Therefore they replicate themselves by putting more square pegs in round holes. Imagine the mathematically challenged managing money. See what they did with the Vat? They screwed up a whole country.


  4. Pip you forget as soon as SLP got into power the then PM came on the air waves to ask EVERYONE to submit their resignations? So now UWP is in government, they must keep the same crooks that SLP had in office. Come on be fair and take a break from the media. Now is a good time to advance yourself professionally.


    • In this highly politicized public service employment pattern going way back when, the majority morons in the Constitutional Reform Circus should have called for a clause demanding resignations of appointees after each change of government.
      REMOVE THE DARN MUSICAL CHAIRS GAME. The majority smart #$#@*%$ in the Commission just simply went on to endorse the status quo. Where and when did they ever exercise any kind of political acumen?
      In retrospect, what a darn disservice this, yet another SLP clown act has turned out to be. I fail to see much logic and further, any depth of intellect from what has so far, been reported.


  5. The man Pierre is doing his job. As the leader of the opposition he feels that it is his duty to oppose every decision made by the present administration. Folks this is what the stupid game of politics entails. Have we not learned? Have we not understood?


    • somebody shld really tell them. it was okay for the other side to do it and be telling mountains of lies


  6. lets look busy guys;; pretend we.re working..but wheres the work ,,dont see it yet ,. u no 100 days ,,empty vessels make the most noise


  7. This guy is becoming an annoyance! From since after the general election it's be one complaint after another....time to grow some testicular fortitude, pull yourself together and be a worthy leader to your team.....your methods lack the necessary innovation needed to win back the governance of this country because right now you are projecting as being weak and clueless. Step aside and let another better suited take up this responsibility. "Weakling"


  8. I'm sure the Prime Minister is just clearing up a few unnecessary items/issues, setting up his Government/Team in a well thought out strategic manner to make things work best for St Lucia and St Lucians.   'Letting go' of some Ambassadors etc may be necessary.  I wonder why SLP are anxious that the ambassadors in question should remain in their posts until their term ends in April - does something happen in April?    We don't need anymore skeletons jumping out of the closet like Juffali!


  9. My goodness! What is wrong with this guy. While I understand there is a void in his life and he is seeing all the good times that he once knew is being enjoyed by another but ah wah we. SLP sent all the UWP ambassadors away when they came into office but now they are calling fowl.

    Move on PIP before you end up at Tapion again because this time you will have to foot the bill yourself. You will not be able to access the consolidated funds to do so. Please do not put yourself in unnecessary debt. Take a break, you look so spaced out and tired. Go and take a bath in the Sulphur Springs.


  10. Once again pip is just complaining. Pip you did the SAME thing. So you have any evidence of otherwise cab you prove that you waited? Cuz I'm pretty sure everyone else has evidence of you and your government vindictively coming in and firing all the uwp appointees. The same thing you do all the time. And now it's coming around again you complaining and bitching. Just do something positive for the country for once. Staying home and complaining every day isn't doing anything and it isn't bringing us anywhere. You aren't achieving anything except dissonance. For once try and help the country and not just yourself


  11. Same old Mantra - no experience, fly too much, too hasty; now common guys
    get a grip and get used to it, your harassing style wont work. Who was it that
    called a snap election during Exam time, extending his Ambassadors' contract
    way over the limit, causing a calculated problem at the A.G. office. Sorry Tax
    payers, again, you are burdened with further Dollar headaches, but all of them
    must be recalled now without delay and without further mischief. Remember
    what happened in London? it's a new Ball game now.


  12. Really Pipette?

    Weren't you the same one who criticized the Government for its poor performance in its 100 days in office? So why criticize them now for their haste to put competent people in place to manage their affairs? It's kinda true Ambassadors take instructions. But was that all your Ambassadors did? Were they ever proactive? Did they offer advice on policy or investment opportunities? Did they try to mobilize the diaspora?

    None of your Ambassadors are civil servants. You know and they know they are political appointees. So they must they know too their contracts are tied to the life of the Government that appointed them and if the Givernment should change they should leave as soon as practicable. Why is that so difficult for them to do?


  13. i agree with the ambassadors....DO NOT RESIGN. if they want y'all out pay y'all to the end of y'all contract. And with that attitude I would make sure I keep all my knowledge to myself. Let Chastenet make a fool of himself as usual


  14. Choos. Like slp did not inflict pain on its opponents. You sounding very dry mr opposition leader. Soon we all will tune u off.


  15. I'm sure the Prime Minister is just clearing up a few unnecessary items/issues, setting up his Government/Team in a well thought out strategic manner to make things work best for St Lucia and St Lucians.   'Letting go' of some Ambassadors etc may be necessary.  I wonder why SLP are anxious that the ambassadors in question should remain in their posts until their term ends in April - does something happen in April?    We don't need anymore skeletons jumping out of the closet like Juffali !


  16. You know that what was what we were telling our SLP Ministers then, get rid of the UWP"s but noo! now they are doing it to us. I would not complain. The facts are there Kenny fired no Ambassador. So lessons learnt. St Lucians are not fair. We cannibal in nature including me. Don't complain when it is our turn we just do the same. Kenny you tried to raise the standard but we dont care about these things.


  17. pip is really bagdad bob. these folks really believe they were good for st. lucia. lol get ready for their complaints when vat is lowered. the daily whining only tends to make people hate the slp even more. keep it up pip just know it doesn't matter one bit. you are out for at least the next 4 years!


  18. what are you talking about have you forgot the pain slp gave to st.lucia realty check 5 dollars cant block no hole in st.lucia when we told you and your slave master that we are suffering you told us to shut up we cried for 5 years no help came from you guys mean while your comrades party loyalties was drinking, partying, buying new cars dont no where they got the money from to purchase such luxurious items because they dont have a job to afford it but i guess tax payers monies are running dry so you speaking now but i tell you what we not taking no more from you guys believe me we have come to far to turn back now and if the uwp go the same road with you slp traitors then we the people with form a new government because no matter what slp will never govern this great coutry again god bless st.lucia and its people