Harold Dalsan: “From the ashes we shall rise”

Harold Dalsan: “From the ashes we shall rise”
Minister Dalsan
Minister Dalsan
Minister Dalsan

Parliamentary Representative for Soufriere Harold Dalsan is calling for unity to rebuild a section of the town that was destroyed by fire earlier this week.

Dalson, who was out of state at the time of the fire, said when he returns to St. Lucia he will work with the residents to quickly bring back normalcy to the business district.

In a Facebook post on Friday, hours after the fire destroyed several commercial buildings and left at least one man homeless, Dalson said: “Thank God for his divine intervention. Our firemen and first responders, all those assisted, LUCELEC and WASCO MUST also be commended. I want to commit government’s support for the victims as they try to recover.

11074706_877467442343872_1895947708899838203_n“It’s not the time for bickering as to who should do what and how. It’s the time for the consolidation of our collective time and efforts to restore the lives of those who were affected. From the ashes we shall rise. We have done it before and we’ll do it again.”

Dalsan is also the Minister for Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment.

Reports are that six buildings were completely destroyed and five partially affected following a massive fire in Soufriere town on Thursday around midnight.

Authorities believe the fire may have started in Ultra Mart, in front of the Soufriere Square, which quickly spread to other buildings in the commercial district.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

No injuries were reported.


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  1. These country bucks believe that they should keep on shooting the same old shate that got them into power for the last 30 something years and all will still be well.


  2. ST LUCIANS LET US PUT POLITICS ASIDE and let us all join to help SULPHUR CITY including SNO cause they know how to get things done




  4. Why is it that the two fire trucks from the Soufriere Fire Station were unable to pump water from the sea which is only a few hundred yards from the inferno? Yes the fire trucks have a limited supply of water and the water pressure in each hydrant was low so why didn't they start drafting water from the sea near the Soufriere Waterfront which is almost an infinite source of water?
    It was reported in the news that the Marine Police had to bring down a pump and additional lengths of fire hose so it could be that the Soufriere Fire Station lacked sufficient suction hose to relay water from the sea. Going forward the authorities must ensure that each Fire Station is fully equipped to pump water from the sea or a nearby marina, river or pond. It also points to the need for Fire Stations or Auxiliary Fire Departments in Anse-la-Raye, Canaries, Choiseul and Laborie which, if in existence, could have deployed resources to assist the Soufriere Fire Station in fighting this October 2015 Soufriere Inferno. Alternatively we could invest in one fireboat which could rapidly be deployed to any of our towns and villages since the commercial centres of these communities are close to the coastline. We keep hearing the usual platitudes after each major fire but what is being done between fires to ensure that we are better prepared to handle the next inferno?


  5. The people of Soufriere should take the initiative and start a drive for recovery. Whilst assistance is expected from other sources, including government, you the people should not sit and wait. Heaven helps those who help themselves.


  6. That being said, my prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to all the victims and I hope that we as a nation can pull together and assist in any way we can and not wait on or expect the government to be the ones to lead any initiative for assistance


    • After these asses went to the scene to take campaign photos, you are saying we should not wait on or expect the government to be the ones to lead any initiative for assistance? You are so crazy.


  7. Sometimes we Saint Lucian's take everything too political. Members of our community are in pain and distress after losing everything. A minister and district rep has made a statement on the issue. Your main focus is on the government using it as a PR stunt, while you can't even get his name or its spelling correct.

    Tell me how and why is the government supposed to have a plan or program in place for fires which occur in private residences or business however unfortunate they may be. That is the reason for one having insurance. We complain about heavy taxation yet expect the government of the day whoever they may be to provide everything which we may want or need as if money just magically appears in the Treasury's coffers.

    While I am fully supportive of the government assisting in whatever way it can. The harsh reality is that they are not obligated to provide financial support or have a plan to assist persons who have become victims of a fire.


    • Boy Looshans are really this dumb? Really? Incredible! We have a disaster on our hands and the Minister responsible for the area, whatever his or her name is cannot even offer even TEMPORARY HOUSING FOR ANY OF THE AFFECTED. Yet, a smart-ass thinks that somebody is being political because some disaster planning is expected from these so-called bright talkers? You are one hell of a heartless jackass. You know that?

      Listen to this. Is your circus master, not one of the designers of CSME which placed the ENTIRE Caribbean region, from the Bahamas to Trinidad in peril, because of a failure to anticipate the results of having companies combine, if he ever understood that, but without a safety net for the stakeholders? .

      The European Union has a regional regulatory body that examines the long-lasting effects when one company wants to gobble-up others. If it feels that consumers will get hurt that agency blocks it. It is very similar to what is in the USA. Where were the eyes and brains of the designers of CSME?

      They had proven patterns that they could have copied. Without any business foresight nor insights, your idol, the legal designer, left the poor struggling people of the entire region exposed, losing their insurance money to CLICO.

      W. Arthur Lewis was depending on the UWI to train the bureaucrats of the region. William Demas did not want them to study abroad because of a very short-sighted belief in a brain drain.

      Those who have never left, have given us loads of increasing national debt, mortgaging our future, and our children’s children welfare for decades to come. When they are not busting our tails with taxes to pay for their extravagances and show projects like the Gros Islet car park expansion, and beefing up their salaries, pensions and benefits, they keep setting this nation up for failure, by making us lose our very meagre savings to dumb managers, and eroding our standard of living with relay upon relay of other similar crooked and incompetent politicians.


    • Laporte Please Shut Up

      MABE YOU CAN SPELL BUT YOU Count UNDErSTANd caca lol. IF govement had put certain procedure in place, then those things could be avoided. IF you don't go back to school, then your ass will be in ash. And this time don't go school to lean how to spill go so you can understand what you spill lol.

      st.lucian thinks they know how to spill yet still their contrey is burning down with NO FOOD NO WATA LOL and they can not spill this one out.

      this not school commentree caca brain lol


  8. Rebuild is not thee only thing which should be taken in consideration. An electrical assessments should be carried out in Soufriere. There are a dozen of old houses in Soufriere with faulty wiring from nineteen nineteen which causes alot of fire issues on a large scale. The people being restless by sitting by the road minding other people busineess should be look at. Centralising the people together so that they can respond to disaters is important.


  9. SLP, from Dalton's very empty rhetoric, one is able to deduce very clearly that SLP is full of hot air. In other words, from the headline, they hope to make quite a lot political capital from this Soufriere disaster too.

    If SLP were an organised party with ideas, Mr. Dalton surely would have used this wonderful PR activity to boast of what the SLP HAS ALREADY IN PLACE for such an eventuality. We did not hear it. I did not read that.

    In the meantime, the people are going to have to rely on the community to give emergency help, relief and support. The SLP will take as many pictures as possible as the have from this perversely grand photo shoot. The fire victims themselves it would appear, will have to swallow hard, and make out with some real SLP better days.


    • Laporte, are you sure you said anything of substance? What can the Minister/ District Rep do in such a short space bof time? Did you even read what was written? He is OUT OF STATE!! Anyway, you don't seem to bright as you cannot even copy the man's name correct. Something else - DO NOT politicise A FIRE!!!


      • It seems that Laporte has struck a very raw nerve.
        Forward looking and intelligent people around the world ALWAYS plan for adversity and the unexpected. Otherwise, you are always going to be caught like now with your pants down to your ankles. Boy, Kenny is really your best leader for truth!
        Is this why Kenny always planning to govern, but only after all the votes are counted? He fools you all with double manifestos. You all are considered dummies twice over. Those who know better understand that those manifestos are for jackasses will swallow.
        So like now, in the meantime, God will provide. Since you all adore him and this stooge so much like reals gods, these your tin gods can only and will always provide for these 'better days'.


      • It is a globalized world . Stop thinking like a naffin. Get with it! Being out of the country did not stop the fire. So why the heck does this matter?
        The head of Iceland's government, when he could not fly back home because of the volcanic smoke hazard (Does this ring a bell, naffin? We are talking about Soufriere, MIND YOU!) was able to run the ENTIRE country on a computer tablet.
        SLP ministers can mostly read and write. These self-declared low self-esteem stooges keep on proving every time they open their pea-brained mouths, that they are not any smarter than the very ordinary man in the street. That is why they are hell-bent on giving us rather real better days.


    • this la porte is full of shit, venting sulphur air thru his posterior. . i wonder if he is aware of the emergency distress fund from government? what the hell politics has to do with the fire? does'nt he have a conscience. why dont laport tell us what form of assistance he will be rendering to the fire victims? the mere fact that he wants to politicize the fire, tells us how he thinks.


      • Oui mamma! Who hath it, knoweth it! He-he-he-y! That up there is a lot of colonic activity originating from a real country-bookie brain. A condition typical to most SLP yard fowls.
        The patient up there is clearly suffering from an acute and virulent form of the country-bookie variant of colonic diverticulitis.
        This is "Perforation of diverticulum with intramural/localised paracolic abscess, incidence: 20-25% of diverticular disease, pneumoperitoneum rare CT findings: inflammation of pericolonic fat (98%), diverticula (84%), bowel wall thickening of 4-12 mm (70%), abscess (47%), fluid with or without air of peritonitis (16%); fistula (14%); obstruction (12%); intramural sinus tract (9%); ureteral obstruction (7%) extraluminal contrast with BE: double tracking: longitudinal sinus tract (Crohn disease: longer segments of greater than 10 cm), abscess; fistula see: diverticular disease of colon "
        Scrubs! Somebody! Somebody! Somebody, please call the ambulance!


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