VIDEO: Happy-looking Melissa Joseph appears in court for murder

VIDEO: Happy-looking Melissa Joseph appears in court for murder

Melissa Joseph, who is charged with fatally stabbing Joseph Herman, appeared in the Gros Islet Court today, Jan. 11, 2016.

Joseph, 32, was formally charged with murder. She was remanded in prison until Feb. 11.

Herman, 45, was admitted to the Victoria Hospital on Thursday, December 31, 2015 after sustaining multiple stab wounds to the body on Jeremie Street, Castries, but succumbed to his injuries on Friday, January 1, 2016.

Both Joseph and Herman are from Capitol Hill, Castries.






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  1. This is truly shocking, to be honest if this person was handcuffed, the police officer would have had control of her. The whole video is annoying and disgraceful and it displays how unprofessional things are done in St. Lucia. Someone is dead and this person is laughing and dancing, that is so evil. Lock her up and throw away the key.


  2. What the hell is wrong woth those officers walking parading an accused murder around like she is some kind of celebrity? What is wrong with this picture? She should brust the officers asses for being so navie why was this bitch mp shackled like the animal that she is put her ass in chains, padlocks and stright jacket what a mockery with the justice system in St.Lucia.


  3. they went to court for 9years...the magistrate never saw it fit to send her for a check up..I am just HOPING that they turn a blind eye to the "actress" role she took up!! HANG the WITCH


  4. Sane people can do insane things and insane people sometimes do sane things.
    So it's not just a question of being a mad or crazy person. It's a question of whether you know what you're doing at the particular time.
    Wicked people can do wicked things that can be considered "crazy" but they usually know what they're doing. In that case they cannot get away from their just punishment by claiming do be mad.


  5. I do not know what to say about these videos. I am some what speechless. This police woman called the suspect by her first name. She went also to suck her teeth knowing that the media is filming. No kind of professionalism in handling this criminal. She could not handle this crackhead criminal allowing the suspect to put on a show. This could have been another incident right there. Omg!


    • the officer is familiar with this "suspect" and therefore is handling her in the most comfortable manner.
      none of you would want to or even know how to handle this such character so stop trying to knock the officer down - so what she called her by her first name: isn't that her name????

      the issue at hand is the crime being committed against each other ...
      EACH 1 TEACH 1


      • Police Officers are required to be Professional at all times, treating those in custody; family or friend alike. I would NOT like the officer to get in trouble but to be reminded that Friends have killed Friends and Family members have Killed Family members, so DON'T take chances. Had the situation turned nasty, the Officer was not the only person in the vicinity to be in harms way; there were other officers, prisoners, cameraman, so it WAS a Dangerous situation that thankfully passed without event. Now if someone was harmed or Killed would you STILL say what you have said!!? The Police department would then be Criminally Negligent, with tax payers money to be paid out!!. Your comment may seem to be caring but not to be encouraged, Especially in Dangerous cases like these; the woman is not there for stealing candy or milk for her hungry baby.


  6. I totally Agree with the Comments Made. But MAD or NOT. This woman should be locked up Forever in JAIL or an ASYLUM. If she is Mad, she should NOT be allowed to walk the streets among the Public. If she is NOT, She and her GANG premeditatedly (planned beforehand) MURDERED the Man. And they did plan to commit Murder because they went looking for the man. Anyone who gets away with Murder by claiming Insanity, know they can do anything and get away with it because the Courts will continue to say HE or SHE is Not in control of their Faculty (Senses) and therefore NOT responsible for their Actions; NO punishment is applied to them, SO they are Laughing at US and the COURTS. This is not just Insanity, It is CRIMINAL INSANITY. When someone behaves in the Manner this woman is doing, they should be IMMEDIATELY removed for their own safety and the safety of the Public (THINK of the Children) by the Police to an ASYLUM until a case is held in Court. To those who Disagree with my comment, Please say WHY, so I can perhaps understand your objection; because at the moment I think those who do disagree are CRIMINALS with an ULTERIOR MOTIVE: playing the INSANITY GAME.


  7. Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)
    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    We need to look beyond just what the eye can see, she needs much deliverance, prayers and spiritual counsel.
    I pray that her children especially her little girl is granted proper counsel, care and nurturing, may God be with them. Amen


  8. Well there you have it folks! I hope that's a wrap just for good measure while she's in jail throw in chucky himself Jason and Freddy to see who's more mad. Retrieve Pandora's box put her inside throw it into the abyss melt the keys. Frigging demented mental leprechaun ?


  9. Why is this prisoner not handcuffed? Why is she not restrained? After a charge of murder and the longstanding threats, intimidation and violence attributed to her, why is she at such liberty. She could have run off if she wanted to with no problem at all. This is slackness to the highest degree on the part of the authorities.

    They have to protect the public and also themselves from this woman who apparently doesn't give a damn and is clearly a very determined and dangerous individual.

    This is amazing!


  10. It is really sad to see Melissa be entertained like that when she has a rap sheet as long as St.lucia someone lost their life through her she should be charged for double murder because she stabbed him and went to the hospital and took off his mask Respiratory failure was part of the Otopsy results what are they waiting for she knows everything she's doing she repeats it after she's not no insane the law here is sickening


  11. Just saw this woman on news, no doubt she has psychological issues. Does anyone know why she was feuding with the couple?


  12. I beg to differ! This thing is not happy one bit. I see someone possessed. She don't even know where she is. Human beings don't behave that way!