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Happy 35th St. Lucia

Felicia Browne

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Celebrations are a moment of remembrance, a moment which is shared with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation. Such moments create a sense of self-worth, unity, tolerance, compassion and an overwhelming sense of joy.

Today, as we celebrate our 35th Independence as a sovereign state, we are deeply grateful for the many who have paved this journey for us and our future generations. Thirty-five years of independence is indeed a victory- a moment of affirmation- to the very core of our being as a people and nation.

Like any young woman or man, St. Lucia, our beautiful Helen of the West, has strived and persevered for the betterment of our society. St. Lucia has continued to develop many great achievements in the fields of academics, sports, politics, religion, innovations and human developments.

We have been able to frame our social and political philosophies that have permeated through generations. We believe in our moral philosophies; where justice, truth and peace are at the living pulse of our humanity.

May we continue to strive towards excellence, progress and nation building.

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  1. Well said

  2. Let's be grateful for this day asking god to have ful control over our gov and leaders that they will come to know him as their saviour where there can be a smooth running of our country home sweet home st. Lucia

  3. How about working towards independence from need...from poverty??? It is hard for self-worth to come by when you have nothing at all. Your so called independence is a farce, a wound inflicted upon innocent people.

    Happy 'NOT' independence day, because most Lucians do not feel independent. However, long live the Kingdom of Saint Lucia, we will survive!

  4. Happy Independence Day everyone!


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