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Hail Sir Arthur and Hon. Walcott


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L-R: Statues of Hon. Derek Walcott and Sir Arthur Lewis

Today is Nobel Laureates Day in Saint Lucia.

We pay tribute to Hon. Derek Walcott (Literature, 1992) and Sir Arthur Lewis (Economics, 1979).

Both men were born on January 23 (Sir Arthur in 1915 and Hon. Walcott in 1930), hence the joint celebration.

Sadly, Sir Arthur left us in 1991 at age 76, not before leaving the world with a rich legacy to build on, especially in the area of economic development.

Hon. Walcott can still be found lying on a beach somewhere in the north of the island painting the same egrets he painted the day before and scribbling some of the best metaphors we are yet to really wrap our minds around.

Be proud of our laureates. We is dem and dem is we. – Stan Bishop

Hon. Walcott and Sir Arthur

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  1. But we don't follow what Sir Arthur recommended for economy.


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