H20 Wet Fete postponed

H20 Wet Fete postponed

Blueprint Entertainment Inc. is disappointed to announce that H20 Wet Fete, previously scheduled for the 16th of July 2017 at Beach Park, Sunny Acres, has been postponed.

At the time of this release, we have not been issued an official document stating the reason (s) why the event has not been granted approval.

We plan to announce the new date of the event in the upcoming week.

Blueprint Entertainment Inc. sincerely apologises for any inconvenience this postponement would have caused to our followers and the wider public. We are aware that H20 Wet fete was highly anticipated and we will try our best to deliver the event.

We urge everyone to have a safe and enoyable Carnival season.

Yours Respectfully,
Blueprint Entertainment Inc.


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  1. Amen..Amen..and Amen some take it as a joke But its not..watch and pray so we dont enter into temptation.for we dont know the time or the hour.People should take a good look.and see whats going on in this world today..Glory be to God


  2. There is no malice in the postponement of the event, the organizers truly tried their best to bring the public the promised event, hence the reason why it was not cancelled. They are still exploring every avenue to bring it to fruition. Remember they too have made large investments and expect to make a profit.


  3. You'll organizers are a--- acting like u'll bigger than the law. The police had already made an official statement still u'll said nothing. No respect for patrons. Everyone should withdraw their support and ask for a refund. Bull--!!!!


  4. From early in the game blue print knew they would not have the event yet they continue to advertise, promote and sell tickets. Day before show y'all running apology notice. Nonsense. Give the patrons their money back. Approval my foot y'all are just disrespectful and full of B's. All other shows get approval but y'all own. Only on Friday y'all try to erect slides. Lol. Funny


  5. Not a word bout refund....people have to fly back to their respective countries and will not be there for a later date!! Wt hell?

    Who is behind this scam?


    • Amen.. every damn thing is fete, let go to the house of the lord and ask for repentence. We as a nation need it.


  6. God is speaking to St. Lucia..........people are sad because the pay tithe to Wrong God when the events filled with lust, envy, judgemnet, selfishness is cancelled........and we wonder what's happening?

    Lately we have many rainbows even in a little rain on a Friday just before sunset. Sunset of a life wasted and slaughter or slandered . Thsee DAILY in my view sad news is a sign that we are hearing the rumors and rumors of war


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