Guyanese surrenders to police after deadly chopping spree

Guyanese surrenders to police after deadly chopping spree

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Wednesday November 28, 2012 — Several days after mutilating his reputed wife and hacking her lover to death, Bonasika murder suspect Dharmindra Persaud turned himself in to police on Sunday.

Reports indicate that Persaud, who had been on the run since Thursday’s bloodbath, visited family members and expressed the desire to surrender. His relatives subsequently made arrangements with investigators to collect him from a location at Parika, East Bank Essequibo.

According to Kaieteur News, the suspect has since admitted to killing his reputed wife’s lover and wounding his spouse, saying that the night he saw them together “was too much for him”.

Persaud is reported to have told investigators that he had tried his best to save his relationship with his reputed wife Joy Meyers, but she was more interested in her lover, whom he said is a close relative of hers.

According to sources, Persaud went to the Bonasika Outpost on the day of the tragedy and reported that his wife had left him, leaving him with three of their four children. He reportedly begged the police to help him get his wife to return for their children.

Persaud is said to have told investigators that his reputed wife left their home after “falling in love” with her relative, who is identified only as “Richard”.

Persaud further said that he “tripped” after he saw his reputed wife half-naked with her lover and their youngest child present, according to information reaching Kaieteur News.

The attack that claimed the life of the unidentified man and seriously injured Joy Meyers took place on Thursday night at the home of Meyers’ father in Bonasika Creek.

The man’s head was said to have been almost severed, while Meyers’ left hand was hacked off and she also sustained wounds to the head and neck.

The three-year-old girl, who was in the house at the time of the slaughter, was unharmed.

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