Guyanese among two busted for drugs in Castries

Guyanese among two busted for drugs in Castries
Top row: Louisy (left) and George. Bottom: the drug that was seized by the police.
Top row: Louisy (left) and George. Bottom: the drug that was seized by the police.
Top row: Louisy (left) and George. Bottom: the drug that was seized by the police.

Police said they have charged two men in connection with a drug bust this week.

Kwame Adesima George, 34, from Guyana but residing in Plateau, Babonneau, and Nehemiah Nathan Louisy, 31, a St. Lucian living in Ciceron, Castries address were both arrested and charged for possession of controlled drugs and possession of controlled drug with intent to supply to another.

Police told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, at about 9:30 p.m., Drug Unit officers were on patrol along the Bexon/Odsan Highway when they observed a “suspiciously moving” blue Toyota Corolla travelling towards Castries.

The lawmen reportedly signaled the vehicle to stop, but the motor vehicle continued along the road. The officers pursued the vehicle and intercepted it at the Cul de Sac/Goodlands junction.

At the time of interception, there were two occupants – George and Louisy – on board the vehicle.

Two packages containing green plant material suspected to be cannabis were recovered during a search of the vehicle.

One of the parcels was reportedly wrapped with tape portraying the Colombian flag. The two parcels weighed about 2.41 pounds 1.2 kilos.

George and Louisy were subsequently arrested and charged.


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  1. The judicial system makes no sense ,why are people being detained for a naturally growing plant , which can be used as medicene .everyone has a freedom of choice as to wether to use this plant or not. The system is fucked up youall.


  2. I read stories of Lucians and Jamaicans getting busted for kilos of cocaine and have never seen their faces. Two Guyanese are caught with two pounds of weed and their faces get posted on all social media? Why the double standard? Especially know how deadly cocaine is. Shame on you St. Lucia for practicing such discriminating standards. We, being blacks ought to know too well the bitter taste of such treatment. However, it appears that someone wanted to hypocritally make a name for them self and use this case as their prime example of zero tolerance on drugs. Be a little more dignified. We know better.


  3. Many years ago a group foolish men decided to criminalize marijuana, Declaring a war on drugs. decades later we are now bearing witness to a catastrophic drug policy that has destroyed lives and families among other things. It is important to note that as the world is moving towards the legalization of marijuana, many wealthy men are poised to become even wealthier from the sale of a substance that many people, predominantly black men have been jailed for. Yet, even in the face of that, we seem almost proud to showcase two men arrested for 2 lbs of cannabis.
    St. lucia. The time has come to wake up. We can no longer afford to support policies that were never intended to make our lives better. We can no longer afford to put our young men and women is prison at the behest of other forces, while ignoring the larger social implications of those polices. I will be the first on to agree that there should be a price to pay for breaking the laws of our country, however the time has come to look and those laws and the punishment that comes along with it in a broader sociatal context.


  4. How comes we not hearing about the drugs that was busted at the VFort airport? Is it because an airline manager is involved the police is shying away from it?


  5. Wow!!! If only st Lucians who are been charged for murder and other drug cases their faces could be put up like this so we all know who they are...even the rapists child molesters here in St Lucia. and Im a born St. Lucian...not Guyanese.


  6. We all know what the punishments were for the two ladies busted with drugs in their piss and that other Lucian with drugs in his abdomen in Guyana. Now let's see how the two country's punishments for drugs compare.


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