Guyana: Wife sees live video of home invasion in progress

Guyana: Wife sees live video of home invasion in progress
The businessman and a woman being led upstairs by one of the bandits.
The businessman and a woman being led upstairs by one of the bandits.

(KAIETEUR NEWS) – The members of a Republic Gardens family are counting their lucky stars after a harrowing home invasion Thursday morning.

The incident was caught on a hidden camera in the home.

A resident, who was frantically calling her husband during the 40-minute ordeal, became aware of the invasion when she decided to check her security camera which is hooked up remotely to her mobile phone. She saw strange persons in her home. She was the one who called police and a cousin to investigate.

According to Ryan Rajmangal, 40, he was at home with four of his children, ages five to 11 years old.

“It was about 07:58am, and I was coming out. The front door was open. They jumped over the fence,” he said.

According to Rajmangal, whose family owns the popular Peter and Ruth Restaurant in Flamboyant Avenue, Eccles, East Bank Demerara, the four men were dressed in construction clothing, complete with the reflector vests and even masks to protect them from the Coronavirus.

Two of them had handguns.

The men held Rajmangal at gunpoint and entered the home where they quickly rounded up the other occupants…there were four children.

The men apparently had no clue that a hidden security camera was capturing their actions.

They were careful to keep the masks on and were seen on occasions stuffing items into a bag.

One of the men was seen leading three children from a table to the living area where they were placed on a chair.
On the ground, the gunmen tied up Rajmangal and a woman who was in the kitchen.

Both were bound and appeared to be gagged.

According to the businessman, who also is said to be a pastor and operator of a gas station at ‘58 Miles’, Mabura, Region 10, he was “cuffed” a few times.

He said he decided to comply with a request for jewelry and cash.

Rajmangal estimates that the bandits took away about $1.5 to $2M in jewelry and a few hundred of thousands of dollars.

They also left with bags of items they gathered up including cell phones and Ipads.

After securing the children and Rajmangal downstairs, the gunmen took them to the upper flat where they searched the rooms.

The businessman explained that while the robbery was going on, his wife was calling him repeatedly.

The woman was already at work at the family-owned restaurant.

Concerned, she decided to check her cellphone which had the app to the hidden camera. On seeing the strange men in her home, she became frantic and contacted the police and a relative. The relative rushed over to the Republic Gardens home.

According to Rajmangal, the relative quickly arrived and repeatedly press the buzzer to the home.

It forced the men to abandon their stay and on rushing out with their loot, they ran straight into the relative.

He was held up and his cell phone and jewelry taken away.

Outside, a white Toyota car was waiting.

The driver, Rajmangal explained, on seeing the relative arrive, panicked and drove away leaving the men behind.

The gunmen were forced to stop another car and escape.

The businessman said that while there are no arrests, the police have taken fingerprints and video evidence.

He was thankful that the incident was not have a worse ending and said from all indications the bandits were clearly after money.

The businessman said he will seek counseling for his traumatized family.

Republic Gardens is one of a few gated communities on the East Bank of Demerara. Residents in the community are calling for increased police patrols.

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