Guyana: Two men charged for raping male friend

Guyana: Two men charged for raping male friend

(GUYANA CHRONICLE) – After deliberating for just over an hour, a 12-member jury unanimously returned a guilty verdict convicting Mahesh Lackhan called Govindra and Parshram Guman known as Naresh for sexually violating their 23-year-old friend, on January 29, 2015.

Presiding Judge, Brassington Reynolds postponed sentencing to two weeks until a probation report on the background of the accused men are presented by officers from the Probation and Social Welfare department at the Berbice Assizes.

The facts revealed that the victim was consuming alcoholic beverages, with the accused duo, when he became dizzy, and it was during that period that Guman and Lackhan took turns in sexually assaulting him. It was revealed that during the act, Guman, told the complainant that he was taking revenge for a previous incident involving another relative.

The victim then lost consciousness as the accused men took turns violating him.
Thereafter, he did not know how he got home. But, the following day, his employer telephoned asking whether he was fit enough to work, and on checking himself, observed blood stains on his anus. Subsequently, a report was made at a nearby police station and charges were laid.

State Prosecutrix Ms. Tuanna Hardy led the evidence of eight witnesses. Defence Counsel was Rodwell Jugmohan.


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  1. Eight witnesses, so eight other people watch two man take turns bulling a man. Dis not Guyana but Sodom and Gomorrah.


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