Guyana to install hundreds of cameras to fight crime

Guyana to install hundreds of cameras to fight crime


AP – The South American nation of Guyana is preparing to install hundreds of closed-circuit TV cameras in its capital to crack down on crime.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan said yesterday that at least 300 cameras would be set up across Georgetown following a rise in violence. He said reported rapes have increased by 19 percent, compared to last year, and killings are up five percent.

Ramjattan said the Inter-American Development Bank is financing the project. He did not say how much it would cost.

Guyana also expects to receive some $6 million from Britain to help train its police force and boost its forensic science department.


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  1. LPM the most progressive and informed minority group politicians was the first forward-looking group to advocate this in their manifesto in Saint Lucia. Imagine that this was there on the table during the last elections! Sad.
    Saint Lucians seem that they still are ready for the same old crap of the dysfunctional leadership of the two major parties. Is It that Saint Lucians can only understand what the SLP tries so hard to convince us that these are 'better days'


  2. Meanwhile in St. Lucia our forensics lab remains closed and many of our security cameras remain inoperable while our officials remain tight-lipped.


    • How can you say they are tight-lipped. They are talking their usual drivel in every forum at home and abroad, even at the UN. Talking pure bunkum no forward development agenda. Bram Bram sound more intelligent than those elected to parliament. So much crap flowing everywhere like non-existing threats that scare the living daylights out of foreign investors. Loads of verbal idiocy on growth rate rates in the media and you think that this is being tight-lipped?


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