Guyana: Teacher attacked by pipe-wielding parent after scolding child

Guyana: Teacher attacked by pipe-wielding parent after scolding child
Attacked: Jamain Hatton
Attacked: Jamain Hatton

(KAIETEUR NEWS) – Jamain Hatton, a Science teacher at the Institute of Business (IBE), is now in shock over an incident that took place on Saturday last. Hatton was confronted while going to his morning class at IBE on the East Coast, by a parent of one of his fifth form students; this confrontation led to him being struck across the neck with a metal pipe.

Hatton explained that this was not his first time being in an incident of this sort. The episode is said to have stemmed from a verbal disciplinary act by Hatton to a student.

The student, who will remain unnamed, was in his class while a lower level student was in the office for infringing on the school’s dress code; the older student then collected a belt which the younger one had asked him to keep. It was then that the said student was called to the office regarding his behaviour.

Hatton related that he told the student that his “attitude would determine his altitude”. This in turn caused him to receive an adverse reaction from the child. The teacher explained that while the student has potential, he is known to be constantly committing misdemeanors, and to have major issues with his temper and attitude towards authority.

This disciplinary act was not at the forefront of Hatton’s mind when he was on his way to class on Saturday morning. Hatton explained that it was while walking, he saw a man approaching him from a vehicle – a man whom he had never seen before. However, the perpetrator’s identity was yet to be made known to him.

The man confronted him shouting, “Is whappen to you and me son…Whappen to you and (student’s name)”.

Hatton explained that he conveyed to the man that the road was not the place to speak about the issue saying, “I do not think that this is where you want to do this”, and then continued on his way to work.

Consequently, the man then retreated to his car to recover two metal pipes, which he then brandished before Hatton. A brief physical altercation ensued between the two parties, which caused Hatton’s glasses to fall to the ground breaking.

The man then struck Hatton across the neck before fleeing to his car to make his escape. The matter was reported to the relevant authorities at the said time and is currently being dealt with by police at Vigilance. Investigations are currently ongoing on the matter.

Hatton conveyed how disheartening it was for him as a teacher to experience these issues with parents. He expressed great sorrow in the fact that a parent can react so adversely to an educator who was just trying to impact the lives of students in a positive way. While Hatton does not know what the student told his father, he is taken aback by the fact that a parent would react in that manner.

Hatton, who has been a teacher for eight years, is currently questioning his future in the teaching profession.


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