Guyana: Single mother beaten, robbed by bandits in Black Bush Polder

Guyana: Single mother beaten, robbed by bandits in Black Bush Polder
Indrawattie Dhanraj known as ‘Lovie.’
Indrawattie Dhanraj known as ‘Lovie.’

(GUYANA CHRONICLE) — A mother of one was beaten with a crowbar after three armed bandits invaded her home on Saturday evening.

Indrawattie Dhanraj, 44, and her young son of Lot 157 Mibicuri, South Black Bush Polder, were attacked at approximately 23:30hrs when bandits smashed a window to gain entry into her two-storey wooden house.

After begging the bandits not to hurt her son, the men put him to sit on a chair and proceeded to beat Dhanraj with a crowbar as they demanded cash and jewellery.

Dhanraj, fearing for her life, handed over $50,000 and some of the jewellery to the men. Despite getting the valuables, the trio continued to hit the single mother about her body and proceeded to ransack the house.

They eventually left taking some food items, bed sheets, a hair dye, a cellphone as well as some food from her refrigerator.

The sill traumatised woman related that the money she had was her savings she earned as a sweeper-cleaner for the Water Users Association. She was bewildered why the bandits would want to rob her.

“Me and my son ah live alone, we nah rich, we poor; why them want rob me, me nah know” the mother said.

She related that as the men entered the house, she began screaming but the bandits told her to stay quiet, since she does not have a good relationship with her neighbours.

The police arrived shortly after the robbery and have since launched an investigation into the incident.


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