Guyana: Pork knocker uses hammer and chopper to cut through brother-in-law’s neck for no reason

Guyana: Pork knocker uses hammer and chopper to cut through brother-in-law’s neck for no reason
Anthony King
Anthony King appearing in court

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) — A 39-year-old man from the East Coast of Demerara was chopped to death on November 5 by the brother of his reputed wife at the woman’s Diamond home on the East Bank of Demerara.

Dead is Justin Peterkin of Paradise.

Justin Peterkin

He was reportedly at the home of the mother of his two children, when the woman’s brother went berserk and attacked him, chopping him to the body and head.

The assailant has been identified as Anthony King.

According to a neighbour, Daniel Boutrin, he was at home when he heard strange sounds coming from next door. He said when he looked across, he noticed King with a hammer and chopper, chopping away at the neck of Peterkin.

“He had the chopper on the man neck and was hitting it with the hammer”.

The young man said he shouted at the assailant and he hurried out of the yard. The eyewitness said he gave chase behind him and alerted persons in the area and the Police that the bloodied man had just chopped someone to death.

The eyewitness said while he was giving chase, the assailant threatened him but he kept trailing him on foot, until the Police arrived and effected an arrest.

The reputed wife of the dead man said she has no idea what would have triggered her brother to kill the man. She said neither the brother or her reputed husband lived with her, since she now lives with her father.

She explained that she was at work when she received a message to hurry home. The woman, Cassandra King, explained to News Source that her reputed husband was in the the area to transact some business with her neighbour. She left both her brother and the reputed husband at her house.

The tearful woman said she had no problems with the father of her two children and she is confused by the murder.

“I am so sorry”, she said, “please tell his mother I am so sorry”.

Police investigators spent more than three hours at the scene, collecting evidence and questioning th neighbours as well as the reputed wife and her father.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anthony King


A 25-year-old, pork knocker from the Diamond community was this morning (Nov. 9) charged with the murder of his brother in law.

During his appearance before Magistrate Judy Latchman, the man Anthony King was not required to enter a plea to the indictable murder charge.

He is accused of murdering Justin Peterkin and has been remanded to jail.

The court was told that on the 5th November at Golden Grove Scheme, East Bank Demerara, King murdered Peterkin by using a hammer and chopper to cut through the man’s neck.

On the day of the incident, King and Peterkin were at the home of King’s sister. Peterkin was involved in a relationship with the sister and the two men were known to each other.

The woman was not at home at the time, but neighbours said it appeared as though King went berserk and attacked the older man.

A neighbour who witnessed the incident, gave chase behind the accused as he left the scene and was able to contact the Police in the area.

The matter will continue later this month.


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