Guyana: “Pope” could lose church and home to local bank following court ruling

Guyana: “Pope” could lose church and home to local bank following court ruling

(NEWS SOURCE) – While many of his followers may believe that he is “simply the best”, one commercial bank may have found out that he might be the worst when it comes to honouring his mortgage agreements.

The Bank of Nova Scotia moved to the Courts and obtained judgement to the tune of millions of dollars on two properties owned by the self proclaimed local Pope, Philbert London, for which he has not been honouring his mortgage agreements with the bank.

In court documents obtained by News Source, judgement was granted late last year for Scotia Bank against London for a property at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, which is believed to be his home and another property in Lodge, Georgetown.

Execution orders were issued earlier this year for Court Marshalls to move in and seize and sell immovable property that could amount to the money owed plus interests.

The Georgetown property, houses the church of the Mr. London.

On that property, the bank won judgement to the sum of $18.9 million plus $14 Million in interest and court costs.

For the property at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, Court Marshalls were ordered to seize and sell immovable property to satisfy $63.8 Million dollars, that was owed to the bank, along with $32 million in interests, plus additional costs.

Last year, “Pope” London found himself on the front page of local newspapers and blasted across the internet, after a number of sex videos surfaced with him engaging in sexual intercourse with different women from his church.

The church offered forgiveness to their “holy father” after he tearfully admitted to his sins and begged for forgiveness. In offering forgiveness, one senior member of the church led the congregation in singing Tina Turner’s “Simply the best”.

Several other persons who attended the church, left the congregation after the bedroom revelations, which were all recorded on camera by the self proclaimed Pope.



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