Guyana: Police detain one of three prisoners who escaped custody

Guyana: Police detain one of three prisoners who escaped custody

(CMC) – The Acting Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels has thanked citizens for their assistance after murder accused Travis Evans was re-captured at a roadblock on Friday.

“I wish to commend all those persons who assisted and I now encourage others to be equally helpful,” Samuels said.

“A joint security services team received a tip-off that he was on the road probably awaiting transportation,” Samuels said, adding that the fugitive was recaptured without any confrontation and that no firearm was found in his possession.

Evans was one of three remanded prisoners who scaled a wall at one of the Lusignan Prison’s holding bays and escaped on October 15.

Four policemen and a prison officer have been in custody since Monday, when prisoners Sudesh Dyal, Dextroy Pollard and Evans escaped. They were on duty at towers two and three from where the inmates made their escape.

Samuels said that the security officials “were not alert, and I am forced to conclude that it is very likely that they were sleeping, thus resulting in them not observing the prisoners – first in their attempt to get the razor wire separated in order to pass and then during the process of them escaping by scaling the fence.”

Dyal, 23, was remanded into custody for larceny, breaking and entering as well as escaping lawful custody, while 29-year-old Pollard, 29, was on remand for larceny and breaking and entering.


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