Guyana: Pastor to stand trial for alleged rape of church member

By News Source Guyana

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Pastor Joe

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) – Four months after a Diamond Housing Scheme Pastor was charged with the rape of one of his congregation members, he was on Thursday committed to stand before a jury in the High Court.

City Magistrate Leron Daly ruled that she has found enough evidence to commit the man to stand trial.

The self-proclaimed Bishop, Joseph Persaud stood before the Magistrate throughout his hearing.

The Magistrate based her decision on the evidence that was put forward by the Police Prosecutor.

During his first court appearance, the Court was told that during the month of October, 2017 the “man of God” engaged in sexual activity with a 22-year-old woman without her consent.

Persuad, however, secured bail in the sum of $350,000 with the condition that he remains 50 feet away from the victim. He also had to lodge his passport.

The woman claimed that she turned to the Pastor for counseling and he started to make sexual advances towards her. But one night during a dinner meeting, it is alleged that the man forced himself on his church member and raped her.

There are reports that the two actually shared a relationship but the Pastor refused to end it.

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  1. 🌍The shitstem is rigged🌋

    How comes the names PASTORS and PRIEST always associate with the word RAPE....i don't get it?

    • Returning to Yah

      Because Christianity is pagan, Satan is their master. The Most High, Almighty YHWH of the Bible never sanctioned a religion only a way of Life. The Anointed One, the Deliverer of the seed of Israel, the one these satanists call Jesus, translated his name to Jesus, came to tell them to stop sinning/breaking the Law. Yet these children of the devil appropriated the scriptures/the history of these people called it theirs and went forth under the banner of Christianity to deceive mankind. Their faithful good living, bad Lawbreaking flock are ignorant to the wickedness of these leaders and the deception. These leaders tend to be all kinds of sexual deviants, rapists, pedophiles, adulterers, homosexuals, porn watchers/makers because any breaking of the commandments makes you void of the Spirit of YHWH. Also the Most High gives them up to have a reprobate mind. Sunday worship and Saturday worship on a man made calendar is not what is found in scripture yet these network of deceivers go All over the world devouring the ignorant sheep. Yes The System is rigged and I hope from this clip you get why. YHWH, the Most High Elohim will not be mocked!


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