Guyana: Pandit and son found stabbed to death

Guyana: Pandit and son found stabbed to death

(GUYANA CHRONICLE) – THE decomposed bodies of 29-year-old Omkar Liliah and his 62-year-old father Deonarine Lilah, a Pandit were on Tuesday morning found dead in their Craig Street, Campbellville home in Georgetown.

The elder Liliah was found in his bedroom while the young man was found dead in the hallway of the house. Police sources confirmed to the Guyana Chronicle that the bodies which bore multiple marks of violence might have been in the house for just about three days.

Decomposition is said to have been rapid since the house was locked up. This newspaper was told that there were no signs of forced entry to the property. The father and son grinded spices for a living at the location and have been doing that for some time now.

Tenants who live in the lower flat of the home which is owned by the senior Lilah indicated that on Tuesday morning they began to observe a stench coming from the house and they made contact with the police and other relatives of the men who live overseas. Local relatives received a call from overseas indicating that something was amiss at the home and when they arrived, they found the place secured by police ranks. According to information police are looking for at least two persons.

At the scene on Tuesday, the relatives of the men said they had no issues with anyone. Reference was made to the recent hospitalisation of the younger Lilah and it was being rumoured that he might have inflicted a wound on his father and then taken his own life. However, when the bodies were examined by the police they concluded that the injuries were consistent with that of a sharp object and not necessarily inflicted by the younger of the deceased. The police are conducting their investigation into the matter.


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