Guyana: Man killed with shotgun he stole

Guyana: Man killed with shotgun he stole


(GUYANA CHRONICLE) —  POLICE are investigating the death of a mechanic who was bizarrely killed on Wednesday night with a shotgun he stole from his employer at Goat Creek, Essequibo River.

Dead is Joseph Mahadeo, 46, called “Terry” of Parika Backdam, East Bank Essequibo (EBE). Four persons are currently in police custody assisting police with their investigations.

Reports indicate that Mahadeo was employed as a mechanic at a mining company which is owned by a businessman of Parika.

On Wednesday, Mahadeo, along with a driver with the company; a painter of Grove, East Bank Demerara and tractor driver, Chandra Boodhoo, were travelling and about four miles away from their camp the tractor developed mechanical problems.

As a result, Chandra Boodhoo sent Mahadeo to the camp to collect a hose and some other items.

On arrival, it is alleged that Mahadeo made contact with the general manager, who is a licensed holder of one single barrel shotgun.
The general manager gave Mahadeo a key to access a safe where the hose was located and where he usually keep his firearm.

Mahadeo then collected the hose and left the key on a nearby table. He then returned to Chandra Boodhoo with the hose, along with the shotgun which he took without the permission of the general manager.

The tractor was fixed and the trio continued their journey to the camp. The driver and painter were allegedly sitting on the left fender of the tractor while Mahadeo was sitting more to the front of the tractor on two pales with the gun between his legs and butt resting on the ground.

At approximately one mile from the camp, the driver claimed he suddenly heard a loud explosion and he saw Mahadeo leaned to his right.
He stopped the tractor and went over to Mahadeo and saw he was bleeding from an injury in the left chest.
The driver contacted the police and on arrival Mahadeo was motionless at the front of the tractor.

Upon investigations, police discovered that he had three live 12 gauge shotgun cartridges in his right side pants pocket and the shotgun was lying on the trail about 10 feet behind the tractor with a 12-gauge shell in the chamber.

Mahadeo was taken to Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body is at the Ezekiel Funeral Parlour awaiting autopsy.


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