Guyana: Jealous ex-lover kills woman, boyfriend

Guyana: Jealous ex-lover kills woman, boyfriend
Suspect: Maxwell Usher
Suspect: Maxwell Usher

(GUYANA CHRONICLE) – The community of Prosville, Wismar, Linden was stunned by screams from a well-known resident late Wednesday evening whose lifeless body was later discovered in her yard, drenched in her blood.

A few feet away was her paramour, whose bloodied body was also found at her Lot 177 Prosville, Wismar, Linden home.

Dead is Imogene Gordon, 48, and Roylon John, 42, of Kildonan Village, Corentyne, Berbice. It is suspected that they were stabbed by Gordon’s ex-lover, Maxwell Usher, 48, a businessman of Prosville.

Around 20:45hrs on Wednesday, neighbours heard screams from Gordon’s residence. One neighbour then contacted ranks of the Wisroc Police Station who visited the scene and observed the couple lying face down. It was further observed that they had multiple stab wounds about the upper part of the body.

The scene was canvassed and a black-handle prospecting knife was seen about six feet from Gordon’s body. They were rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex where they were pronounced dead on arrival. The bodies are currently at De Jetsco Funeral Home.

A good friend of the deceased related that she shared a relationship with Usher for four years. He was always abusive and as his abusive behaviour worsened, Gordon decided to end the relationship.

Less than two weeks ago, Usher was arrested for threatening to chop off her hands and feet. He was charged and placed before the court where he pleaded guilty. The magistrate placed the couple on six months bond to keep the peace.

Since they were in a common-law relationship and both contributed financially to the house that was presently under construction, Gordon’s friend said Usher was ordered to live on another property owned by the deceased, which is just one lot away from where he allegedly launched the attack.

“Remember he used to live there, so he knows the house well and he was able to do the attack,” the friend said.

This newspaper understands that Gordon is a re-migrant and has six children residing overseas. She returned home in 2019 to complete her house in the mining town. Meanwhile, John, who is a mason, came to Linden seeking employment. He had a child with a woman also living in Prosville. Gordon’s friend said he was the one completing the construction of the house.

His niece from Berbice said he was expected home later in the month.

“We did not see him for a long time and so it is really sad what happened to him because he will be coming in a casket. He spoke to his big sister only yesterday and said he would come home this month-end or for Easter,” she said.

His niece described him as a loving, family-oriented person, who cared for his four children.

“He was always loving and quiet. Every morning he would always send greetings and so to the family. We will miss him dearly,” she said.

The suspect was arrested by police and is assisting with investigations. He was found with a gaping wound to his hand and was treated at the Linden Hospital Complex before being placed in custody at the Mackenzie Police Station.

Gordon’s family is hoping that the national travel ban comes to an end soon since all of her six children have to travel home before she is buried.


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