Guyana: Gunman apologises and returns stolen items after robbing gospel singer

Guyana: Gunman apologises and returns stolen items after robbing gospel singer
The gospel artiste
The gospel artiste

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) – Well-known local gospel singer, Kester D, is singing praises for life Wednesday morning (Nov. 15) after he was robbed at gunpoint just after midnight.

In a post on his Facebook page, Kester D said he had just wrapped up his radio gospel show and was approached by the gunman while opening the gate to drive into his yard.

He said the gunman who had a red and white coloured rag tied across his face, demanded money and when he told him he did not have any, the man grabbed his laptop filled with gospel music, along with his two cellphones.

The musician said his son approached the gate after overhearing the noise and the gunman told the young man to head back inside.

The son did just that, but Kester D’s tenant came to the gate moments later and was also told by the gunman to remove himself from the scene. He too complied.

Kester D said in addition to his laptop and mobile phones, the robber also made off with his wedding band along with two other rings. They all have the initials “KD” engraved on them.

While the early morning ordeal may have left the gospel singer shaken, Kester D said he is thankful for life and is happy that his family is safe.

In a strange twist of events, the artiste and businessman said when he called one of the phones that the gunman made off with, the man answered and apologized for robbing him.

“I called my numbers and one was off but the the robber answered the other phone. I said champo, I need my computer and phone to do my work. To my suprise the man said Kester D bro, I sorry and I didn’t know it was you until I run the phone and see your name and picture, I’m gonna tell you where i will leave your computer and documents, but i will keep the phones and will tell you where I would leave them by Thursday”.

Moments after the call, Kester D and his neighbours visited the spot and found the laptop left behind just as the robber promised. However there were no signs of the other items that were stolen. An investigation is underway.



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  1. Remember Pastor Ben? One of the guys who robbed him has been bed ridden for over 10 years. Instant Karma.


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