Guyana government spends $40 million on Buju Banton tickets for supporters – Jagdeo

By Guyana Times

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PNC General Secretary Amna Ally shared a photo with supporters during the distribution exercise

(GUYANA TIMES) –– Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday blazed the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government for purchasing $40 million worth in tickets for the upcoming Buju Banton show, with hard earned taxpayer’s dollars.

The money he stated was used to purchase 8000 tickets for the show which is billed for Saturday evening at the Guyana National Stadium. The cost for each ticket is GY$5000.

“Spending $40 million to share out to kids? Amna Ally is going around handing out, that is not her money, that is taxpayers’ money. But at the same time they don’t have money to put medicine in the hospitals where many people are going there, pensioners etc. They cannot find insulin, they cannot find basic medicine, but they (Government) are handing out, Amna Ally taking taxpayers’ money and handing out to kids.”

According to the Opposition Leader, he is not against the idea of persons going to such shows and having their recreational moments but slammed the Government and by extension, the People’s National Congress (PNC) for taking taxpayers’ monies to fund their political agenda, deeming the move a campaign strategy.

“I don’t begrudge people who are getting the tickets because it is our people and they should enjoy the tickets. But the fact is that this is part of the plan by the APNU to campaign using the taxpayers’ money and it is part of a broader design and it shows how disparaging they are about people, particularly young people,” he stated. The tickets were distributed to residents in Sophia, Norton Street, South Road, Cemetery Road and Bourda Market.

In an invited comment on Thursday just as the Minister was making her way into Parliament Chambers, Ally denied that the monies were taken from the public coffers but stated it was in fact, the PNC’s money that was used to purchase the tickets.

“Government money? Sorry, it is not Government’s money, it is the PNC’s money and we are distributing it to people. I cannot remember the amount that we bought but we are distributing.”

She added that the reason for the large investment was to allow persons the opportunity to be a part of such major events.

“We believe that it is a good opportunity for people, generally, to go to the Buju Banton show.”

The show titled “I am Legend” will see the Jamaican artiste as the main act, accompanied by First Born, Alabama and Natural Black.

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  1. This goverment is beyond ridiculous. Granger and the pack of braindead ministers doing something like this and believe they're doing something good. Just irresponsible spending to support another braindead Excon like themselves. I feel so sorry for the plp of Guyana. The leadership has no clue how to govern a country much less create jobs . No idea how to create a sound fisical policy. What little oil revenue about to trickle in , they spending already.


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