Guyana: Carter Centre team meets GECOM, APNU delegation

By Demerara Waves

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Minister of State and General Secretary of A Partnership of National Unity (APNU), Mr. Joseph Harmon, Minister of Social Protection and General Secretary of the People’s National Congress (PNC), Ms. Amna Ally and Political Advisor, Dr. Mark Kirton, this afternoon, met with Carter Center representatives Associate Director, Ms. Brett Lacy and Legal and Electoral Advisor Ms. Anne Marlborough at the Ministry of the Presidency.

(DEMERARA WAVES) — The United States (US)-based Carter Center has dispatched a fact-finding mission to Guyana at a time when the government, opposition and their election commissioners are at a stalemate over giving the go ahead to prepare for general elections.

Earlier Monday, they met with the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield; Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, James Patterson and the three opposition-nominated election commissioners.

The three governing A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) did not attend that meeting.

In certain sections of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), there is still lingering suspicion that the Carter Centre helped engineer that party out office in 1992 when the first internationally certified elections in 28 years was held.

Over at the Ministry of the Presidency, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who is also APNU’s Chairman, led a coalition delegation to the otherwise low-keyed meeting with the Carter Center representatives. The Ministry of the Presidency released two photos informing that the meeting was held.

The Carter Centre has dispatched the team at a time when both the PNCR-dominated APNU and the AFC are demanding that house-to-house registration be held to purge the list of non-residents and the deceased before general elections are held.

GECOM says house-to-house registration can take as much as nine months. With GECOM unable to prepare for the polls to be held by March 20, 2019 in accordance with the constitutional three-month time-frame, that election management authority says preparations can take about 145 days once the commissioners give the green light.

Lowenfield had said he and his staff had already begun working on scenarios for elections preparations shortly the no-confidence motion had been passed 33:32 in the 65-seat National Assembly on December 21, 2018.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General Basil Williams on Monday asked the Court of Appeal to grant a stay of two of Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire’s rulings she issued on January 31, 2019. Williams also wants a conservatory order to prevent the President and Cabinet from resigning until hearings and determination of the appeals are concluded.

The Chief Justice has ruled that the motion was validly passed by an absolute majority of 33 votes, although then government parliamentarian Charrandass Persaud should not have been a candidate and subsequently a lawmaker because he holds dual- Guyanese-Canadian- citizenship.

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  1. Guyana should not be having an Election, due to the. No confidence conspiracy, the Canadian government need to Apologize to the Guyana Government, for conspiring to causing Conflict, with in the. Government of Guyana, at a time, when the Citizens are much at peace having a daily expectations to Hope for, seeking to acquire the values of our lives once again, some even becoming, adware for the need to being a Soul Sharing Providers ,by by emphasizing the interest of becoming involved in politic, such is the awakening Of Souls, for no matter, how much is stolen, Humanity stands, and the Canadian Government had no Right to aiding the corruption sought, for 23 years, Guyanas Laws was not experience or lived in our lives,, one experience of mine,the Guyana immigration office held my passport, which was given ,only after I was denounced by the then time, better half of mine ,whom the PPP compelled to becoming a public sex. SLAVE a CHARACTER I Rebuked for myself which was demanded, by them ,Through the American Miami International. Airport, all such is against every Constitution of the World, unless circumstances provides legal License for such ,by Choice, the PPP do not have the people Best interest at heart, Janet Jagan was not the vice president therefore should not have became or be called president of Guyana.


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