Guyana: Canje Triplets turn 12

Guyana: Canje Triplets turn 12
The triplets on their 12th birth anniversary
The triplets on their 12th birth anniversary

(GUYANA CHRONICLE) – TWELVE years ago, they created history by being the first triplets to have been born at the New Amsterdam hospital.

Today, they have grown into girls who have different personalities with varied intended career pathways.

Ahmini, Ashwini, and Ashwani, who are fondly referred to as Joanna, Jennifer, and Jessica, respectively, are currently attending the Canje Secondary School, in East Canje. They are in Form One.

Joanna likes Integrated Science, Grammar and Social Studies, and envisions becoming a teacher, while Jessica who is only interested in Grammar, and loves to play hide and seek, desires to be a banker. Jennifer loves Mathematics and would like to be an entrepreneur when she grows up.

Over the years, several persons had chipped in to assist the girls, materially, but the supporters have dwindled, except for a Mr Persaud, and the owner of Church View Hotel. As the girls grew older, their demands increased, more so as they are in their secondary school years.

And while an application was made for Government assistance, it is yet to be fulfilled.
On March 14, 2008, the three girls, each weighing two kilograms, were delivered shortly after 02:00hrs, five minutes after each other, by Midwife Trovis Jonas.

Their parents are Hameeda Bacchus, and Mohandranauth Punsammy, a cane harvester, of Lot 1186 Galaxy Street, Canefield Settlement, Easy Canje, in the Ancient County.

On the occasion of their birth, the elated obstetric nurse had told the Guyana Chronicle that it was her first delivery of multiple births and that she was honoured to have ushered the young females into the world.

The delivery, she said, was free from complication; however the girls were all birthed by their feet, having one placenta with three membranes.

The triplets’ mother, who was an only child and also an orphan, related that the expected multiple birth was revealed a few weeks before delivery, following a computed tomography scanning [ CT or CAT scanning] at a private institution.

She said that with the exception of her grandmother who had delivered twins and who had mothered her, no one else amongst her relatives has had such an experience.


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