Guyana and Brazil mark 50 years of diplomatic relations

Guyana and Brazil mark 50 years of diplomatic relations

(CMC) – Guyana and Brazil is celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations launching a limited stamp edition to commemorate the event.

“Over the subsequent 50 years, our two countries have solidified relations through close collaboration across a vast number of areas,” Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge said.

He said the stamps mark 50 years of positive and productive relations between the two countries.

Diplomatic relations between Guyana and Brazil began on August 26, 1968. The two countries are hosting a series of activities for the remainder of the year in celebration of the half-century anniversary.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes saidt this is the third commemorative stamp Guyana has issued in celebration of its relations with Brazil.

In 2003, Guyana printed limited edition stamps commemorating 35 years of bilateral relations between the two countries. In 2009, another limited-edition stamp was printed to commemorate the commissioning of the Takatu Bridge, which was constructed with assistance from Brazil.

“It [the stamp] is a testimony to our good relations and puts those relations in the annals of history,” Hughes said.

Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Brazil, Paulo Silos, noted the stamps are a concrete example of the friendship and trust that characterise the relationship between Guyana and Brazil. Silos noted the stamp is a monument to this relationship.

“This stamp is a multiple individual monument that comes relatively easy to thousands… The stamp multiplies its impact upon the many as an enduring testament of the constant evolution of Brazil’s and Guyana’s relationship to each other and to our wonderful world,” Silos said.

Brazil will release its version of the commemorative stamp on October 26.


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