Guyana: 17-year-old miner dies in mining pit collapse

Guyana: 17-year-old miner dies in mining pit collapse

(NEWS SOURCE) — The Guyana Police Force reported today that another young miner has died in yet another mining pit collapse in the interior region.

The latest incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at Gold Hill Backdam, Upper Mazaruni and has claimed the life of 17-year-old, Romeo Ruben.

Initial investigations have disclosed that Ruben and two other miners were working in the pit, when its eastern wall suddenly broke apart, sending a large piece of land rushing into the pit.

The young man was covered for about 5 minutes as the other workers went in search of help.

The youth was still alive when he was pulled from the pit. He was rushed to the Health Post Imbaimadai, but died while receiving medical attention.

The body has since been flown to the city for a post-mortem examination.

An investigation team from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission is now expected to fly into the area to begin a probe. Guyana has recorded a number of fatal mining pit accidents over the past few years. Unsafe and illegal mining practices have been blamed for most of them.


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