Guyana: 16-y-o teen stabbed to death by 34-y-o married ex-lover (update)

Guyana: 16-y-o teen stabbed to death by 34-y-o married ex-lover (update)
DEAD: Sanesha Subrina Lall

By Indrawattie Natram

(GUYANA CHRONICLE) — Residents of Richmond Housing Scheme, Region Two, were thrown into a state of shock on Wednesday morning when they heard screams coming from a nearby house in the village.

The screams were that of a teenager who was brutally stabbed by her jilted lover. Dead is 16-year-old Sanesha Subrina Lall of Richmond Housing Scheme.

The incident reportedly occurred around 09:00 hours.

According to the aunt of the deceased, Geeta Lall, she received a phone call around 09:15 hours from a sister of the teen, who informed her that Sanesha was stabbed and bleeding profusely.

Geeta said she immediately visited the home where Sanesha was and there she saw a large crowd in front of the house. The aunt related that Sanesha’s mother and father died, leaving three sisters and one brother to fend for themselves. The girls live in a house built by Food for the Poor and the elder sister usually takes care of the younger siblings.

“Them mother died, the father was an alcoholic, so they were left. The deceased was a school dropout… sadly, I see she got 20 stabs about her body,” Geeta said.

A younger sister, who witnessed the entire ordeal, related that her sister’s male friend came early with a blue minibus and wanted to come in. She said that they told him he cannot enter when he pushed down the gate and entered the house.

“He rushed in and my elder sister told him not to come in. Then we saw he had a sharp knife and he started to stab her about her body all the time, 20 times, we counted all over, then he left. We were screaming during the entire incident,” the sister related.

When asked if the now deceased had a relationship with the male, the sister said “yes” but noted that and on many occasions she would tell him that she is not interested in him.

The younger sibling said the male still continued to visit. Sanesha reportedly told the 34-year-old man that she did not want to continue with the relationship with him because he is married.

Reports indicate that the suspect is separated from his family. He reportedly consumed a quantity of poisonous substance at the burial ground after committing the gruesome act.

He was rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where he remains a patient under guard.

Sanesha was living in Georgetown and only returned to the Essequibo Coast when her father died.

Her body is currently at the Suddie Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem. Police are continuing their investigations.



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