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Guy Joseph’s response to PAJOAH scandal an “insult” to all Saint Lucians, says Pierre


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Guy Joseph


The response provided by Hon Guy Joseph to my earlier call for his dismissal in relation to the PAJOAH letter scandal is an insult to all Saint Lucians who desire a country governed with integrity, transparency and accountability.

I am not surprised Hon Guy Joseph’s response was empty and simply disrespectful. His reaction was an act of gross arrogance and showed scant regard for the laws and procedures which are in place to avoid corruption and misbehavior in public office.

Inspite of the Prime Minister’s equally bewildering response to the question posed to him on the issue there are more questions than answers.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party would like to know:

1. Why did it take the Prime Minister over three months to ask Minister Guy Joseph whether the letter was authentic?

2. Why did Guy Joseph not on disclosure of the letter immediately say that the signature was a forgery?

3. The letter in question sought funding for two projects, the Street Lighting Project and the St. Jude Hospital, however why did the Prime Minister include the Police Headquarters?

4. The Street Lighting Project was estimated by the CDB in May 2016 to cost $34.8M. The letter requested $167.4M meaning that $132.5 more was requested. What was the additional $132.5M for? Did the government require $132.5M more for St. Jude?

5. If the commitment in the letter was according Guy Joseph not intended to be binding on the Government was it intended to mislead or misinform the “suitable financial institution that would be able to provide the requisite financing”.

Hon Guy Joseph in his usual arrogance and useless bluster tried to deflect from the Pajoah letter by referring to the usual UWP refrain of Lindquist.

Today, I want to explain that the PAJOAH Letter Scandal is just an extension of the behaviour of Guy Joseph. It is unbelievable and shameless that Guy Joseph would bring up the Lindquist Investigation and claim to be innocent. Instead of blustering about the cost of the Lindquist investigation, why has he not continued the investigation?

You will recall that soon after the elections of 2016, Guy Joseph, with great arrogance, informed the country that one of his first acts as a Minister would be to ask the AG about the status of the Robert Lindquist investigation.

Did he ask the AG and if not, why not and if he did, what was the response of the AG?

Did the AG ignore the Minister?

Guy Joseph boasts that the SLP spent $3 million investigating him and came up with nothing. He keeps asking the SLP to present the Lindquist report, yet on September 12, 2017, Guy Joseph informed Parliament that “…when I am ready to deal with him, I have everything there, everything, and I want the world to see this report”. Why isn’t he releasing the Report?

When Offshore Alert released information that the US Government had filed a case in the District Court in Florida into what some called the Assenza matter, the Prime Minister promised an investigation. What is the status of that investigation Mr Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister has said that the Lindquist investigation did not follow proper procedure. Which procedure, Prime Minister, was not followed? What have you done about the “procedures” which were violated and or who violated the procedures?

The PAJOAH Letter Scandal must be addressed and the Labour Party will not rest until it is investigated. Again, I repeat if the signature was authentic then this was a serious matter and Guy Joseph should be disciplined for gross misbehavior in public office. If the signature was not authentic then this is an equally serious matter and the Prime Minister must involve all relevant agencies including a recognized handwriting expert to ascertain the forgery of the letter.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party will inspite of the arrogance, threats and bravado of Guy Joseph continue to address this matter with greater intensity if the Prime Minister does not respond to calls to take action.

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  1. choose Batise!
    I can't believe I wasted my time reading the usual back and forth that ultimately amounts to sweet nothing!

  2. Sans Hont woy. Pierre go wash your dirty posterior kenny moose boy. You should be watching your arse ken is coming back and youll be back as Ken Arse Sniffer.

    You guys M.O from 1979 is to create smoke when things are happening in this country but . Airport cruise port castries redevelopment Soufriere development Vieux fort
    improved and new sporting facilities constituency programs and the list goes on. these are the things you sobs dont want the people to see insted you come and talk shit about a letter.
    Pierre sit da fock down. punk!

    • Kenny coming back is not the point you big dummy. You too Jackass there is a government minister accused of forgery, stealing and misrepresenting funds... that’s the point you idiot... weather it be UWP or SLP your job as a voter is to vote out anyone involve in the BOBOL!!

      Some of you so caught up in this party shit, you have idiots in office accused of stealing and doing back door deals with YOUR TAX MONEY but your dumb ass still loyal to the party and the minister, and attacking Pierre.

      Take the information, do your investigation and make an informed decision when you go to the polls you GORGOR !

      • accused by whom? the honorable slp? the party that lies and has never told the people about anything but what they want you to hear. they are the most corrupt do nothing party in st. lucian history!! many of these same questions were asked many times to kenny and company. no answers were ever given only the same old blame it on the uwp excuse. the slp continues to be worthless.

  3. Another home run you hit this one right out of the park again Prime Minister Pierre just lay in on him NICE AND THICK. What did I say last week when the KLEPTOMANIA open his Coolie Posterior "I am glad he did so because he as just open a BIGGER CAN OF UWP WORMS" watch out Prime Minister Pierre was just doting his I's and crossing his T's. Check mate .


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