Guy Joseph wants Juffali fired

Guy Joseph wants Juffali fired

Outspoken opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Guy Joseph is urging government to fire its Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Dr. Sheik Walid Juffali.

The Castries South East MP told the media on Tuesday (Jan. 12) that the Saudi billionaire has created an embarrassment for St. Lucia internationally, and has drawn too much negativity to the island.

He believes the best way to deal with the matter involving Dr. Juffali, is to fire him and clear the name of St. Lucia. The former minister also believes that the government should move fast on the issue.

Joseph also criticised the government for taking a decision to send officials here, to the United Kingdom, to iron out the matter involving the Saudi billionaire.

He contends that the matter could have been dealt with from the Embassy of St. Lucia in that country, expressing his disapproval of members of the government “using tax payers money” to travel there.

“Every bad decision made by this government is paid for by the tax payers of this country and that is why we have to hold them responsible for sending people to represent us,” he asserted.

He said despite Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony coming forward to state that Dr. Juffali plans to build a Diabetes Research Centre here, he doesn’t believe the business tycoon has any benefit to St. Lucia.


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  1. To whom it may concern

    Based on my analyses of the comments made by persons on SNO regarding the Juffalli matter, approx. 80-90% of readers (which make up a representative sample of the youth) wants the SLP out!


  2. when will the government give an answer to the nation regarding the Saudi diplomat? we lucians must stand united on this matter. diplomatic bobol cannot be allowed to continue unanswered. who got paid? you all better give the man back the volaire money. why is hilaire still heading CIP when he cannot be trusted anywhere he goes. who got what? you SLP people to sutiwez and nasty. its time we get answers.


  3. Look who's talking about tax payers money.Guy do you really care about tax payers money or you concerned about their not having enough for when or if you go back in office.


  4. St. Lucia flower you can never be a "Rose or Marguerite" high probability ...a THORN in St. Lucia's side


    • The flower is being trampled on by Guy Joseph. Soon we will all gather around flowers in hand undertaking a solemn procession ready to bury St Lucia flower sometime this year. We will remove this freaking thorn from our side once and for all. Our votes against him will be our herbicide.This poisonous weed will be no more.


  5. the reason society is the way it is now, because we do not teach our children basic manners and respect. To find out that your 9 year old child is laughing at someone else and getting encouragement from a parent is absolutely ridiculous. Instead of teaching the child to be tolerant you actually blasting in a blog speaks volumes. ....then again not every person who gives birth is a parent.


  6. Jackass! why dont you all leave the woman alone. She made her point why you'll attacking her as if you'll can speak better english than her. Guy and his loonies have no idea what the hell they will do if they gain power. Up to now they have not provided the public with any plausible solutions but you'll quick to attack a woman so say her child laughing at Guy. we all do ! so stfu


  7. Isn't that a case of pot calling the kettle black?You, Saint Lucia Flower, cannot present a proper sentence even if your life depended on it. Teaching your child to look down on anyone is a shame and its even worse when this person is a Saint Lucian like yourself. I guess you are so Americanized that you have become so full of yourself. Clearly, Guy Joseph can articulate himself better than you, and based on the evidence before me, he is much smarter than you. He was able, through his own hard work and courage, to become an MP and a Minister of Government. What have you accomplished in America or even Saint Lucia? Hope you can teach your daughter to respect others especially because America is a melting pot of all peoples.


  8. St. Lucia Flower:
    I don't know really who is smarter, you or your (9) year old. It is people like
    you who helped voting this present government in power. Now, unless you
    are mentally crippled, and being deaf and dumb on top of that, you couldn't
    comprehend the problem St. Lucia is facing. It's o.k. for you to seat your axx
    in some rat infested apartment in Brooklyn, thinking you have made it, and
    come criticizing others who have made the sacrifice, represent his constituency.
    Stay in your proud america, vote for Trump, leave Guy Joseph alone, educate
    your self, you will need it. When the Arabs start hitting N.Y. again you will wish
    you were in St. Lucia. Here is a little word of advise to you; learn some humility.


    • bambi I am really sick of your comments lately. you are stained RED SLP and it stink...for someone who is supposed to be educated. I am disapopinted in you. expected you to be more thoughtful in your comments and not blatantly partisan


  9. I thought Britain had given Kenny up to 08 January 2016 to waive Juffali's immunity . Since then I have heard nothing about that but I never realized Kenny had sent his men up to the United Kingdom to deal with the matter. Why is Kenny spending our money to cover up his wrong doings? He never discussed anything with us he cannot just take it on his own to spend tax payers money as he wishes. Now we want Kenny fired along with Juffali


  10. St. Lucia Flower, please check what you wrote, because if thats what your 9 year old said, then she CANNOT speak proper english.
    "the man from st lucia that not talk english.


  11. You should put your nine year old daughter to sit down and tell her the truth, she should be laughing at you instead of Guy Joseph because you sound like a complete idiot, you do not have a clue of what is happening in your country


  12. Guy Joseph can you please stay out of this.

    The more you talk is the more you make yourself look as an uneducated MP.

    Mr. Joseph just to inform you my nine (9) year old daughter continue to laugh at you each time she see and hear your voice on YouTube.
    She will be calling out to me come the man from St.Lucia that not talk English and that is always mad.

    That is sad a nine year old in america think of you that way.


    • St.Lucia Flower check your sentence before the last. Both you and your daughter need lessons in English.
      And was it necessary to state that a 9 year in "america" think of him in that way?
      You just wanted people to know the child in "america?"
      Stupid ass mentality.


    • Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaaaaa.
      I avoid telling friends overseas that Guy Joseph is one of Elected politicians.


    • @St. Lucia Flower.
      Maam, next time choose a more appropriate name and in the first place you should let persons who can write in a scholarly manner and who can better articulate in written form be the ones to comment. I feel sorry for both you and your nine year old daughter if the two of you have found that Mr. Joseph cannot speak ( *note the word used is speak and not talk) English.. Your child is following a very ignorant example.. Sorry to burst to your bubble. If perhaps you spoke about what the article presented then maybe ( giving you the benefit of the doubt) you would have said something more fitting and less likely to declare that you cannot write in standard English.


    • If you took the opportunity to listen to Guy Joseph and what he says you would realise that he speaks perfect English.

      I am just trying to make the connection in my head what weight a child in the US laughing at Guy Joseph has..Could you please enlighten us?

      And just for your information...your nine year old cannot see Guy Joseph's voice on your English and your sentence structure before you could come and criticize someone who speaks proper English.


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