Guy Joseph shoots down reports of complete St. Jude Hospital demolition

Guy Joseph shoots down reports of complete St. Jude Hospital demolition
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Minister of Economic Development, Guy Joseph, is trashing reports that the entire St. Jude Hospital is being demolished.

He told members of the media that in reality only two small buildings, which were recently constructed at the site are being taken down because they are “structurally unsound”.

“Ninety percent of the buildings remains,” he stated. “From what I know is just two structures, two of the smaller structures that would be impacted with any form of demolishing.”

He said the idea that St. Jude is being demolished is simply not true.

“There are two of the buildings that were problematic and these are the buildings that are being addressed and as far as demolishing is concerned,” Joseph stressed. “Everything else remains.”

He said that the government was heavily criticized when the project was stopped but expressed confidence that everything is back on track.

“The work is in full progress now,” he remarked.

Joseph defended the government’s decision to stop work on the project, saying this was done “to plan properly and to execute properly”.

“Now, what we are seeing is what we were planning, is now materializing in the work happening on the ground,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has vowed that is government will deliver on the St. Jude Hospital project, which he described as “one of the most important projects in the history of Saint Lucia”.

“My government has promised to deliver on St. Jude Hospital and we are committed in this regard,” he said on Facebook. “The people of Saint Lucia have endured long enough. There is much more to come for the south and the entire island.”


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  1. Guy correction one of the buildings has been there for over 40 plus years, It was the old convent where the sisters stay, the library downstairs and the cistern below. it had huge cracks. it was then air marked to be a training room upstairs, dialysis downstairs and the leaking cistern downstairs which was already leaking before the fire. Often times the pump would flood out. The other building was air marked to be a daycare unit for children of staff members, which was positioned where the old building which was the CEO,s residence was. I believe that the removal of the two buildings are warranted with the new changes from what I can see.


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