Guy Joseph sets the record straight on statements made at Micoud rally

Guy Joseph sets the record straight on statements made at Micoud rally
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Member of Parliament for Castries South East Guy Joseph has declared that the statements he made at a recent United Workers Party (UWP) rally held in Micoud was misconstrued.

Joseph also clarified that his statements which suggested that newcomers to the UWP should “take the line” was in no way meant to disrespect anyone or gender biased.

Some believe Joseph’s statement was directed at Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, who will be contesting for the leadership position of the UWP, but Joseph said this is not true.

“I was making the comment on the basis of the circumstances that have developed in the UWP over the last three years since Mr. Chastanet became the political leader,” Joseph stated.

He pointed to remarks he made at the rally where he pointed out that persons from outside of the UWP were invited to join the group and placed at the helm, only to leave after things doesn’t work in their favour.

“Anybody who wants to be prime minister must not be prime minister based not on gender but based on ability and commitment to this country,” Joseph added.

The UWP MP said while some people are of the view that the time has come for a woman to lead the St. Lucia government, but he believes that such a person must prove their worth and their ability.

He also revealed that he has turned down one of nomination for the deputy leader of the UWP and have decided to throw his support behind a female UWP member in the person of Dr. Gale Rigobert.


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  1. Although it was an ill-timed statement, I myself thought that this statement was misconstrued by the public. I would agree that it was ill-timed in that internal campaign matters of a party should not be addressed in the public forum as only delegates would be allowed to vote for a new executive. Therefore all campaign propaganda should be aimed at them in their own forum.

    However, the statement was misconstrued in the sense that it was said that it targeted women. Guy made a general statement, also alluding to new comers who not even female since he mentioned persons in the name of Claudius Preville and Vaughn Lewis. He also pointed out that these people were now nowhere to be found. He did all that in the same statement. We can all agree that while the statement was not made in the correct forum but it was not a statement that degraded women and anyone who thinks otherwise please give a reason why? Don't just castigate the man because he is Guy Joseph give a reason for your criticism. All too often we in this country we shoot down somebody without any justification whatsoever.


  2. UWP has a good chance to win a 14--3 but fellers like Ezekiel ; Rufus and Spider should not contest election again. These fellers are rejects they should give another set of persons a chance. They making as though if it is not politics they cannot work or is it the Taiwanese money they missing


  3. It seems you Jool caca have sensed the heat of the sisterhood is upon you and so you quickly pull a protective veil over head. Women are smart to you know jool caca. Not only that the women you interfered with have men who are not prepared to trade their women for your friendship. From Emma who demonstrated that she has a very high degree of self control, self respect and a well seasoned maturity you jump on Jeannine back. For no reason at all you broke down her bedroom's door to reveal her peculiar political rainbow. Din't it occur to you that her choice of husband is no crime Jool caca. You jool caca stepped on the toes of two very proud families. Now you take on Flood just because she express her desire to lead the party. The dignified way she behaved after your onslaught surely have unnerved you. Isn't that the reason you publicly throw your weight behind Rigobert for Deputy Leader? What should happen at that convention is Flood for leader and Gail for Deputy let me see what metamorphosis your mouth would go through.


  4. Since when thats your role, to determine ones worth and ability to contest the post of Prime Minister? In my view, giving Sarah a chance she will do a hell lot better in terms of winning an Election. In light of the above, allow the people to speak and you will see the results.


  5. guy must be thinking is caca that in pple's head? the english language in all its simplicity is a clearly defined language, when one who is very articulate speaks the language, what ever spews from his or her mouth, syas a lot and easily to be understood. guy, come up with another excuse. any child in kindergarten would have understand wat guy said and wat he meant. wheel and come again guy!


  6. He can twist and turn but his actions and words have proven him to be a vile and evil person. He does not even have the decency or brains to check the sensibility of his words but just spews them as they come to his head.
    We saw how unproductive he was while a Minister and now with his sidekick Chastanet he is just as divisive.


    • what do u mean by unproductive? I don't like the guy one bit but the licensing system he over saw and discourage vehicle theft is recommendable. It sad I support the intellectuals such as Kenny and Lorne and La Cobinere and ...... so far nothing. Look, so much crime and not even the forensic lab they can keep open. SMH My party has disappointed me


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