Guy Joseph holds Kenny Anthony and SLP responsible for St. Jude Hospital delay

By SNO Staff

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Pointing to new documents in the ongoing controversy surrounding the St. Jude Hospital construction project, Economics Development Minister Guy Joseph is questioning why St. Lucians are blaming him for circumstances surrounding the delay in the completion of the project.

Speaking at the weekly pre-Cabinet press briefing on Monday, Joseph suggested that Dr. Kenny Anthony is to be blamed for the delays.

In supporting his views, Joseph quoted a letter from the former project consultant to a medical equipment company in January 2016, which indicated that the hospital would be completed by August 2016.

Joseph said: “So why wasn’t the hospital completed, based on this information? And why is it [that it’s] Guy Joseph the people of St. Lucia want to hold accountable? Why Dr. Anthony, as a failed parliamentary representative for Vieux Fort South and a failed prime minister, could not deliver on one project for the people of Vieux Fort – the St. Jude project – but he is talking today about if anybody touches St. Jude that there is going to be no peace and no rest in this country? Is that what he has to offer St. Lucia after failing to deliver on what he promised?”

He continued: “You give them three months advance notice to manufacture the equipment and you need another three months for permission, which altogether works out to about six months. So when all the other ministers before were giving you dates for the opening of St. Jude it is obvious that they were lying because they had never commissioned the production of this equipment. So even if this letter was to be believed as true, did they ever give Biomedical Engineering a start date?”

Joseph said the then Saint Lucia Labour Party government is responsible for the construction faults and the completion of the project.

“The Labour Party could not deliver the project. They are the ones who changed the scope of work. They are the ones who did the extensions. And you know what I found out, this morning? That when they designed that hospital the biomedical people gave them the specifications. They did not follow the specifications given by the biomedical people. So the section that was built below in the basement to put the high tech equipment, they were informed that you do not put high tech equipment on the ground floor,” Joseph said.

Reports are that government is currently in talks with Medical Laboratory Equipment Company and Biomedical Corporation International about payments on the equipment earmarked for St. Jude.

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  1. When MPs / PMs are thrown in jail St. Lucians will get the respect they deserve and our little Island will move forward.

  2. This is to both parties LESS TALK AND MORE WORK…both you guys are just wasting Lucian time and money for y’all financial gain…LET US SEE Y’ALL DAM BANK ACCOUNT before y’all get into office and now. whether you guys run y”all mouths or not you guys still get paid…we need to put each and every one of you on a dam contract, and pay y’all on how well y’all do y”all dam JOB.

  3. We all know you know how to make wealth…..impoverishing the country while your friends and family get richer. #ThatCROOKEDGuy

  4. Shut you mouth. This is a strategic and diversionary tactic to divert attention from the fact that you and your cohorts are robbing the country blind.

  5. everybody is coming here and commenting that why uwp doesnt stop complaining, i do agree they should stop complaining and just finish the hospital but they have to complain so that they can show us all the borborl and what not that went on for this hospital.

    what yall have to take into consideration is that you cant blame this government after a year and some months for a problem that was mismanaged by the previous government for five years if not more. slp had this thing for five years and they did nothing but spend huge sums of money and none of yall were giving slp flack the way yall give uwp flack for it after recently being in office and yall know it from the news and also in interviews with dale elliot in untold stories.

    didnt yall hear the figures that were paid to people who did little to no work at all and the hospital is in a state that is not even in world standards. yall cant blame uwp for the state the hospital is in now the only thing yall can blame them for is not trying to finish it or have it someway complete when their term of office ends.

    • man stop the bs, lets stop being biased and thinking like we thought time of noah and the dinosaurs. Both of the political parties who have been governing st lucia is responsible for the mismanagement of St Judes and alot more. Guy joseph and the upw were the ones who formed the government from the 2006 election till 2011, the hospital burnt down in september 2009 which gives them a period of two years to promise it would be built numerous times and it didn’t. Stephenson king was the prime minister for a period of time after john compton died, and decided to contract Cyril Donnally to build the hospital with no knowledge or experience in building any hospital, no approved plans to begin and halcrow also contacted with mandish sighn as the engineer on site. Kenny anthony and co came in and fired cyril Donnally brought their own contractor who was a supporter of their party along with shanta king and continued with halcrow paying exorbitant amounts to mandish sign (49,500 monthly) who showed up on site around 3 times for the duration because of no approved plans buildings were demolished and rebuild only to be demolished again. The Development Control Authority (D.C.A) allowed Stephenson King and U.W.P to start building with no approved Plans, while a house being built by any normal ,average individual would be halted by same said D.C.A if there were no approved plans. Furthermore Guy joseph said at the end of Untold stories The St Jude Reconstruction Project that both parties are to be blamed. So enough with the pretense and blaming slp and not uwp. THEY ALL FAILED AND CONTINUE TO FAIL>DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM ST LUCIANS

      • Stevenson King Govt was doing renovations. If you change from renovations to construction then you need plans. Is that too hard for you to understand?

      • You seem to be forgetting quite conveniently that not too long after that fire, Hurricane Tomas ripped through St.Lucia and quite frankly, I don’t think St.Lucians have understood how much that disaster set us back economically.

    • I guess you fall within the group of people whose education has not gone beyond preschool? Having a smart phone is s not tantamount to be smart.

  6. Iam just so tired of this comical st. judes thing now. Its a stuck record. Big men like children playing with toys. Get on find the guilty parties if any and deal with them. If flambeau not carefulnext election will come and they will still be talking st. judes

  7. Hey UWP you guys would be our heros if u just finish this hospital and afterwards quarrel about the mess. People are dying. Trained specialist either left the country, are underemployed or unemployed…..disappointments all over. Just fix it and next time consider some kind of insurance system for such important facilities of a country..

  8. Of course SLP is responsible for SJH fiasco. It’s mind-boggling as to why some people can’t see this. In the same vein we expected this current administration to fixed the damn issues but it appears we are in for a new awakening! They too are totally lost and have no clue what to do and the people are left sitting there in limbo.

  9. Enough is enough Pocahontas just work on finishing the dam hospital that’s needed so bad

  10. You stop the work for eighteen months and now blaming Kenny for the delay?

    • you really stupid e it seems you one of those that just got to know about the hospital last year. you want to compare months when kenny and them had years and what is there to show? kenny gave a hospital that was not good and not in international standards and where all the money go? that is what you should be worried about. its all that which is bringing the delay seems you forgot about the forensic lab to

  11. In the kingdom of the blind the man with one eye is king. Only in St Lucia can a van driver (Guy Joseph) with little or no education be a government minister. I guess it starts at the top. The PM was selected by his party with no clue how to make the economy better.
    He believes that tourism is the only way out. Sell everything to the Taiwanese or other foreigners and things will get better. That type of thinking will bring slavery back to St Lucia. Guy Joseph should go back to driving his van and Alan Chastanet should be his Footman.

    • It is a very positive thing that someone can progress from driving a bus to running a ministry and being a leader of a nation.

      Bad minded people never see positives

      • Yes you are correct only in Saint Lucia a bus driver with out education can lead.

        Stupid minded people always want to talk garbage.

    • You people will say anything for political points but what happens it renders you stupid. Didn’t SLP have they own so-called “uneducated taxi driver” in a ministry (was Parliamentary Secretary in a Ministry)? What is also ironic is most of you also support Maduro “the bus driver” in Venezuela. Stop!! Think!!! Politics will make you stupid and children will laugh at you.

  12. Move deh boy !! 😡 Go back to Guyana they’re calling !!

  13. So after 1 year and a half in office thats what you coming and tell the public casting blame? Just finish the Hospital already

  14. U W P Will hold any one or anything resonsible . They are a bunch of idiots, except Guy Joseph.

  15. You really expect slp to take responsibility for the madness the created called St. Judes.

    • yeah, we should build a hospital, demolish it, build a new one and the cost will be cheaper. You are just signing for you supper. Ask the inept government to deliver on its mandate to continue the construction of the hospital. This so called blame game is about fulfilling the agreement to give Teo Ah Kin the land.

      As long as you all are benefiting you have no problem with the milking of the state coffers. This government is on a path to enrich themselves and their family. You are NOTHING but a coconspirator in this debacle. #judas.

      Flambeau is in a fight to stay alive?

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