Guy Joseph blasts opposition for stalling efforts to rehabilitate justice system

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — The opposition in Saint Lucia is coming under severe criticism from Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph for what he said is attempts to stall efforts by the government in rehabilitating the island’s justice system.

He gave the example of the construction of a new court house which he said would have been completed if it had not met resistance from the opposition and other entities.

“Social entities, opposition and everybody, they find every way to stall the projects being implemented by the government, in the process of being able to address some of these key concerns,” he said to DBS TV.

The lengthy delays for prisoners on remand to be processed and for criminals to be convicted are some of the concerns that have been raised on the island.

He said had the government not met with resistance and challenges, the new court house would have almost been completed.

“And then we would have seen our way through,” he stated. “When we don’t deal with the core problems that we have as a country and when social entities and social partners try to frustrate the work of the government then the end result is something where the entire country pays for.”

The government has said it will be opening six courtrooms in the soon-to-be constructed police headquarters and will be speeding up the opening of the forensic lab.

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  1. If your administration did things the right way there would be no issues. You guys campaigned on transparency and you do things without consulting the relevant stake holders

    • Who are the stakeholders when constructing a Court House? Note that the decision to hold Court at Chekiro Court and try to renovate our old Court House had no stakeholder or stakeholder concern. It was a total waste of money. Why do we have such double standards in the country where one party is allowed freedom to do anything imaginable while we stifle development by the other. This is just like the US where certain parties which have lost power pass legislation to restrict the power of the incoming party. That could never translate to any advantage for the country. It only a reflection of greed and the consolidation of power by fascist leaders.


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